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Don t chase the Quaffle if you see the Snitch Forever one of my most favorite pieces of writing ever written.I am heartbroken that it is probably never going to be finished Such a shame because it s a masterpiece The character development of the core set of flawed characters, following canon 100% and inserting in the blanks with heart pounding events and moments, the growing fear and tension at the beginning of the First Wizarding War, incorporating countless actual Harry Potter characters who were only name dropped in the books and giving them unique personalities, AND making the reader care about them as much as about the main characters, laugh out loud hilarious and witty dialogue, the ambiance and atmosphere created making you feel like you are in the 70s Hogwarts yourself with these people you know horrible things are going to happen to, just 2 4 years later No words can describe how genius this fanfiction is It should be its own series of books.When Jules publishes her own original novel, I will be the first in line to buy it She has such a unique and BEAUTIFUL voice, I want to read everything she writes. It s fanfiction with all its imperfections and I absolutely loved it this way just a few notes to myself. and spoilers a lot of teenage drama, but also view spoiler James listening to the who..Moony in St Mungo s..Lily calmly knockin out a deatheater..Lily gradually losing her friendship with Snape..70 s and protests against magical government..Sirius being unhappy..Sirius recklessly caring about Regulus..Marauders being brilliant. well, as always and Lily being truly this sweet, loving, kind, tender girl whose love can some day in the future defeat death whose personalty made James fall in love with her who isn t nasty and keeps apologizing to James even when he insults her not just a girl with witty comebacks, who happens to be good at charms. hide spoiler Another year, another excuse to read TLAT. Don t believe the hype Sub plot ridden, clich d popular girls with very adult characterization, Mary Sue, perfectly adorkable Lily, one token POC with a nasty attitude and a very immature, drawn out fight between Sirius and James where they act like eleven year old girls instead of teenaged almost brothers It was ridiculous Chock full of slut shaming and virgin shaming, too a girl can t win with this story.James is wildly out of character, barely acting interested in Lily in some parts He s less the spoiled, sometimes gawky but show offy popular kid we see in the books, andof a wannabe James Dean instead In fact, James in this story ishow I would have imagined Sirius acting.And of course Sirius is a shallow ladies man It wouldn t be a typical Marauder s Era fic if he wasn t bonking the entire school, even though the HP books imply that he didn t really notice girls much The length of this fic is equal to several Harry Potter books combined without ever reaching a climax SPOILER ALERT Despite the summary which claims it is the love story of Lily and James, you get little to no love for hundreds upon hundreds and hundreds of pages each chapter is like 30 40 pages and there are 36 of them Let that sink in I kept waiting for them to get together, but not until the bitter end is there a glimmer of hope for them Good thing I wasn t holding my breath or I d be passed out about 400 pages in Can we say get to the point There are sooooo many characters, and we have to read about every detail of all their personal lives It s just too much Even ensemble casts have fewer characters than this And most of these side characters are in or get into very adult like relationships Not all sixteen year olds are in long term committed relationships, but in this fic, it seems odd if someone is single They ve all paired off with their life mates in high school, which is a pretty rare occurrence in reality Alice has been with Frank since she was 14 in this story, aaaaand he cheats on her and she takes him back I mean, it s all just so unrealistic and cringe worthy.The only good point was no Blackinnon, which is the most ridiculous ship in the HP fandom, since Marlene is mentioned in a letter, not even by her first name How anyone gets that Sirius had a relationship with the woman is beyond me However, she is featured in a drawn out subplot with an OC that bored me to tears.The technical writing was good sentences formed properly, paragraphing, punctuation, flow, style but the plot What about the plot Oh yeah, the overuse of the words bloke and bird was aggravating As someone who lived in England, I can assure you, normal people do not use these words that frequently Bird is like calling a girl a chick so it s quite degrading And bloke is used once in a while for a man you don t really know So many other words, but in this never ending story, it s bloke bloke bloke, all the time bloke And it s not finished WTF I m not sure how an unfinished book ended up on Goodreads Not my thing Sorry not sorry. Not the faintest why I thought it was a good idea to reread an unfinished 2500 page fanfiction but I think it s safe to say someone else should make all of my decisions for me from now on The fact that this is widely regarded as the best Jily fanfic ever and it is incredibly good , even though the main ship never even gets to share one kiss in it is a pretty good illustration of what a masochistic bunch we all are Just in case the mere act of shipping a couple who is long dead before the first page of the story they belong in didn t tip you off already. As a book it gets 2.5 stars As a fanfiction it deserves 4.5 or 5 stars, but my 4 or 5 stars are reserved for great books, and fanfic, even great one as this, does not compare This version of James was the best one I have ever read, and same is probably true for Lily, although I can t say that with certainty I was however disappointed in Sirius who is my favourite Marauder era character , I expectedIt seemed that the author crossed the usual flat, one dimensional character that most fanfics use for James, but did not bother to do the same with Sirius yes I know he wasn t main character, but still But all in all this was one of the best fanfics EVER. This is the best fanfic I ve ever read By far.Only problem I have with this book is that it s not finished BUT THE AUTHOR HASN T UPDATED IN 3 YEARS Where is u Pls don t leave me in despair Pls &Download Kindle ☞ The Life and Times ⇰ She Was Dramatic He Was Dynamic She Was Precise He Was Impulsive He Was James, And She Was Lily, And One Day They Shared A Kiss, But Before That They Shared Many Arguments, For He Was Cocky, And She Was Sweet, And Matters Of The Heart Require Time There are a lot of Marauders Era fanfictions out there, but The Life and Times is in my opinion the best of them all To me, TLAT s characters arethree dimensional and realistic than in any other story, and the relationships between the characters I would like to highlight that of Lily and James because it is the main romantic relationship are as complex and compelling as the story itself There are many people who dislike The Life and Times based on its a length b elements of teen drama c characters and c plot I would like to address each of these complaints in turn and at the same time show my love for this incredible story First and foremost, it s important to remember that this is a work of fanfiction, and therefore cannot be accurately judged against other, published works It is an unrealistic standard to which almost all stories of this genre will inevitably fall short So bear that in mind Most of the authors are not published and given the nature of this type of writing, mistakes and grievances will happen that wouldn t if you were reading a book.This ties into the TLAT s extraordinary length Fanfictions are updated one chapter at a time usually with a break in between, and are often not written all at once and then published, but chapter by chapter In that respect, fanfiction has muchin common with television than it does with books They are simply not designed to be read like books Given that you can t physically turn the pages to check and see how much farther you have to go, fanfictions are also muchdisorienting when it comes to judging their length, meaning that many VERY LONG stories are published without most people feeling as though they re long at all Yes, when you put in terms of pages it may seem ridiculously lengthy, but when you re actually reading and scrolling, making it impossible to tell how many pages are in, say, a chapter it may not feel like a 2000 page story Okay, on to the complaint that TLAT has a too much teen drama Personally, I didn t find the teen drama at all distracting, in fact I didn t even notice it, but when looking back I can sort of understand where those complaints are coming from Friendships get messed up, people break up, there are heated arguments none of this should be unfamiliar when reading fanfiction, and given that this is ALL ABOUT TEENS and not focused on their adult lives, I think it s becomes slightlyexcusable if it does pop up every once in a while However, even if some of the situations that arise are reminiscent of a shitty teen soap opera gone wrong, the way they are handled and the maturity of the characterization proves the story AS A WHOLE to be the very opposite The characters in TLAT are the best I ve ever seen in a fanfiction In my opinion, each of them is written to almost complete perfection The tropes that haunt so many stories in this Era, and this GENRE are not present in my mind, or are at least twisted so that they are almost a parody I don t really have anythingto say on the characterization, only that I don t believe them to be anything other than three dimensional I believe that TLAT is not for everyone, I believe that fanfiction is not for everyone, and I respect that if you didn t like this story you have every right to explain why, but I would definitely encourage anyone who hasn t yet read it or is on the fence about starting or who has AGES ago and can t remember if they liked it, to please try it out It is a wonderful example of the incredible things that can be created through fanfiction, something that a lot of people think requires little talent and doesn t produce anything worth reading So please, read this story and join the club that rereads it every year and cries when they remember that it hasn t been updated since 2013. Apparently today is Dani is a quitter day because, you guessed it, another DNF The worst part is, I freaking love this, so much But, it s unfinished So every scene, every chapter that I keep progressing and giving my heart to the the book and characters, it just looms over me like a storm that I m never going to have resolution This is the double edged sword of fanfic People get busy, and they move on I know my crazy little OCD brain, that if I get to the last chapter and there is no ending, I ll go berzerk, so I m saving myself the future heartache Why you gotta do me like that Jewel5