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3.5 stars In the aftermath of Magneto s Ultimatum Event, this is a gut punch of betrayal and devious plans I have read two chapters into volume 2, and the lies and deceit continue for a while, ripping up the mutant world in Marvel s Ultimate universe. [Download E-pub] ☪ Ultimate Comics: X-Men, Volume 1 ♴ The Biggest Mutant Cover Up Has Gone Public As The True History Of The X Gene Is Revealed The United States Government Has Been Outed As The X Gene S Creator And Mutants Have Been Branded Terrorists As An Identity Crisis Rocks The Mutant World, The Mistrust Between Man And X Man Gets Deeper And It Is In This Insanity That The X Men Emerge Who Are The X Men And How Will They Fare In A World Where They Are Criminals Will These Outlaw Mutants Be Willing To Defend Mankind, When All Of Humanity Cries Out For Their Imprisonment Collecting Ultimate Comics X Men This starts out OK feeling original but then quickly devolves to a tedious conflagration of retread repeat stories from old X Men books, plus kinda boring and repetitive exposition.The religious sermons and proselytising are nothing new we ve heard it all before multiple times and it doesn t even move the plot or understanding of the characters forward feels like pure page filler, or maybe an exercise by the writer in channeling a preacher I guess every writer has to do it once, get it out of their system Wish it didn t have to drag down this X book tho boring and distracting from a storyline that doesn t need it, and which makes this feel like just another iteration of the same old stories that Marvel has done plenty before.You know what would make this a fresh take What if the religious whacko actually did show some divine powers or at least make you wonder At least once we get to the big reveals, we get to see some interesting plot points unfold I m happy enough to get a chance for a few surprises. 3.5 OK so I m coming in late to the party hereI think this is part of the second wave of Ultimate Comics titles.Magneto made some massive attack on NYC, causing flooding and killing millionsthis led to mutants being put into concentration camps and shoot to kill orders.This team consists of Kitty Pryde known as Shroud here, not Shadowcat , Bobby Drake still Iceman , Johnny Storm Human Torch the FF are no longer, and even though he s not quite a mutant, he somehow fits here , and Jimmy Hudson, the son of Wolverine Rogue also shows up, and there s some appearances by other characters Quicksilver, Colossus, Karen Grant Jean Grey, Storm, Nick Fury.This is fun having them back as underground characters, and I like the team up of Fire Ice, they have a great chemistry here Jimmy Hudson is a chip off the old block, and that s the best possible thing here Rogue is her mysterious good bad who knows self, except now she s hearing things from God who tells her what to do to save the world.The book gets bogged down in the sermonizing of main bad guy William Stryker Jr who s a sort of human Sentinel hybrid preaching religious zealot wanting to eradicate mutants and the usual crap that s been done lots before.However, there is potential here, and the last page, and the reveal of who Rogue has been talking to as God makes me smile and gives that Geek out moment where the possibilities for storylines just open right up LOVE it I think last page cliffhangers are great to get you on an upswing heading into the next book volume.Worth a read, though I suppose knowing the earlier history of Ultimate X Men Ultimate X, etc would be good. This was a real disappointment for me, as the Ultimate is my favourite X men Universe.The Positives The art was consistently beautiful The Ultimate versions of beloved characters were here Ex es Bobby Drake and Rogue, Kitty Pryde, etc The Negatives The main villain is just a religious fanatic A whole pointless plotline with Quicksilver and the USA president, which only serves to provide loong boring exposition paragraphs It takes too much time and there is literally no payoff The X men don t really do much they just sit down and state how everything is lost, and there s no point to do anything at all the PAGES of Striker s religious preaching made me want to kill myself The unbelievably easy shift of the X men community going from science based to believing religious solutions so strongly I can t imagine people would jump ships so fast Overall, there are much better X men Arcs out there Don t waste your time. This New Ultimate X Men isn t really new, butlike a continuation of Ultimate Spider Man There s nothing wrong with that as it was a great book but its not exactly what one thinks of when they think X Men Spencer does a fantastic job with these young heroes, especially Bobby and Johnny The plot was great It is something that has been done many times before but this Ultimate twist was nice Loved Val Cooper here The art, almost entirely by Paco Medina, was beautiful Overall, a slight curveball on what s expected and that s a good thing. The first issue, or at least the first half of the first issue, are spectacular The first scene has an intense emotional impact, and it s the perfect way to hammer home just how dire the situation is for mutants now And the last scene is great, too, entirely unexpected Interested to see where that s going In between, it s ok, but nothing special Too much like too many other stories I ve read. The world hates all mutants now that Magneto went along and fucked up the world Oh you didn t read Ultimatium Well that s good IT WAS HORRIBLE Basically Mag goes nuts and sends a tidal wave to take out New York In the process he kills a ton of heroes and then other villains eat other heroes yes, the blob eats the waspno I m not joking and just a ton of dumb shit happened So can we recover Kind of I never read these even though I read all of Ultimate X Men back in the day I figured I d give it a try when saw it on my Library Shelf Kitty, Iceman, and Mr Flame on Human Torch are in hiding On top of that we show Wolverine s Son jimmy I believe who makes a small cameo at the start and then comes back for about 2 minutes later He s kind of useless and the cover is a big lie but whatevas Either way we begin to form a new X Men team, though underground, against Snyder who is a crazy God Loving man trying to destroy all mutants While that s happening the government is working with Pedro and yeah, just a ton of shit happening at once What I liked The start was great Really shows how much fear people have that they d kill their own child Sick but easy to see in this disturbed world I also enjoyed Kitty basically running shit She s actually my favorite X Men of the ultimate universe Also Iceman and Human Torch play good off each other Their dialog is fun and easy to go with and a few laughs to be had The art is solid and easy to follow through What I didn t like Stryker was kind of meh as a villain THe fact they trusted quick silver is fucking DUMB Also Jimmy is pretty much useless The pacing alters from fast paced to slow as snails at times too Overall not a bad start I think I ll continue It reminds me mostly of most of Ultimate X men Fun but silly and dumb Maybe it ll get better Let s find out