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[Read Ebook] Õ Want Me ¶ Trading Card Nate BrennerOccupation Humanitarian ArchitectMarry, Date Or One Night Stand Definitely A One Night Stand His Secret Passion Travel Making A Difference And RedheadsWarning Don T Be Fooled By His Sweet Hotness This Is Not A Guy Who Settles DownBottom Line Gorgeous, Good Soul And He Can Melt The Panties Right Off A Girl Shannon Fitzgerald Created The New York Hot Guys Trading Cards A Private Man Swap For Her Single Friends Still, She Has Yet To Find The Perfect Card Until She Sees Nate Brenner For The First Time In Years He S Hot He S Tasty And Now Shannon Wants Him All For HerselfUnfortunately, The Nate Brenner Card Is In Another Girl S Hands Now Shannon Is Torn Between Accepting The Hand She Was Dealt, Or Making A Play For Sexy Nate And Losing The Clothes Off Her Back, One Tantalizing Item At A Time I really enjoyed this book, until I got to the end Jo Leigh is a great author, I think she really gives depth to her characters but for some reason it seems that her conclusions just SUCK Every time I read one of her books I feel like I need onechapter to tie things up The ending just seems so rushed an incomplete to me What happened to Daphne Did she have any repercussions She should have What about the news anchor In one sentence we hear he apologized, is that all I want to know if he got sued It s a great read if you don t mind a choppy ending. 4.5 stars really I found this book very enjoyable and it was definitely not necessary to read in order since i havent read the other 2 at all i started this book in an extremely foul mood and was pleased to find that by the end of it my mood was lifted shannon is sucha lovable character and who has never wanted a man like nate The plot line was pleasantly developed something rare for a harlequin romance and the romance itself was sweet if a little fast i like others agree that it would have been nice to see what happened with daphne but overall i was pleased with the ending i mostly im deducting for the severely unattractive man on the coverso than the story itself lol Overall a really great way to pass a couple hours A light hearted read, completing a trilogy I enjoyed this book the best of the three It deals with Shannon, who invented the trading cards for dates that the series centres around She is workaholic, trying to save her family firm She meets Nate, an old family friend, again after many years sparks fly, dates are had, sex is hot After a nasty outng of the cards, Shannon s friends and family rally round I did want to know what happened with dastardly Daphne and the questions from book two were never answered, but overall a good book and series.