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A little disappointing Liked Liss father but mother just annoyed me Usually a fine series but just felt this one was lacking. [[ DOWNLOAD ]] ↭ Bagpipes, Brides and Homicides (Liss MacCrimmon Mysteries, #6) ⇯ Amazing Ebook, Bagpipes, Brides And Homicides Liss MacCrimmon Mysteries, 6 By Kaitlyn Dunnett This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Bagpipes, Brides And Homicides Liss MacCrimmon Mysteries, 6 , Essay By Kaitlyn Dunnett Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I have enjoyed the series until now Liss is just like her mother over bearing and irrational Unable to listen to reason and to basically a whiny spoiled brat Seriously, the state police and lawyers don t know how to do their jobs Two words control freak By the time I got to the wedding it was too late to even enjoy it. I liked this book because Liss and Dan finally got married I don t like that her mother was so bossy and basically took over the wedding I hate it when characters I like let other characters walk all over them just so the author can advance the plot The murder was a bit contrived too, and I didn t really care who killed him or why. This was the book in which Liss s mother first appears in person Since the mother daughter relationship is based on my own, I tend to find it very believable As the author s note says, the Henry Sinclair legend is real if not necessarily true I ve used it in other books I ve written as Kathy Lynn Emerson and WIlla Somener s ancestors are characters in one of them, LETHAL LEGEND The other is FACE DOWN ACROSS THE WESTERN SEA in my Lady Appleton series The epilogue suggests there might be a book set in Scotland on Liss and Dan s honeymoon and, in fact, I did intend to have them witness a crime while they were there and be involved in solving it after their return to Maine, but somehow the story never quite worked and I went on to write a Halloween book next instead. Bagpipes, Brides, and Homicides By Kaitlyn DunnettCopyright August 2012Publisher KensingtonMoosetookalook, Maine, has never seen so many bare legs walking its streets It could only mean one thing the Western Maine Highland Games are in town for the weekend But instead of wondering who ll win the hammer throw, everyone s asking who got kilt Even if Liss MacCrimmon, soon to be Mrs Dan Ruskin, spends her days running the Moosetookalook Scottish Emporium, all she wants is a simple white wedding as she walks down the aisle accompanied by her father When it comes to weddings, however, her mother, Vi, has another idea about tradition Instead of white, Vi sees tartan, tartan, and tartan.What bonnie luck then that Liss and Dan s wedding is scheduled on the same weekend as the Western Maine Highland Games What could make a nuptial weekend memorable than a hammer throw or medieval reenactment group to go along with the tossing of the bouquet How about a charming college professor found slashed to death by his own reproduction of a broadsword But who d go medieval on a professor, no matter how nutty Turns out the deceased had plenty of enemies, including a line of female conquests stretching back to the dark ages, a band of picketers protesting his historically questionable theories, and a strapping collegiate with a howdy doody smile And topping the suspect list is Liss s own father, Donald Mac MacCrimmon As much as Liss tries to keep her fingers out of the sleuthing cake, she finds herself again dead center of a Moosetookalook murder mystery If Liss doesn t solve this one, and quick, she might never say I do, let alone til death do us part Liss is a very nervous bride to be It s not just the plans for the wedding which her mother wants to take over , it s also finding a dress which her mom has already designed in her head , keeping up with her online sales, and spending quality time with her fianc On top of all that she s got another murder to solve so that the nuptials can take place on schedule Why is Liss involved in another murder you might ask well her dad s under suspicion of killing a college professor that his wife once had an affair with Don t you just love it when your past comes back to bite you in the butt All Liss wanted was a romantic Church Wedding, something that was simple and elegant I totally loved the book and the fact that the romance between Liss and Dan is there to be seen, and even the love between her parents All in all this is a great summer read for anyone looking for a cozy to take along to the beach or on summer vacation FTC Full Disclosure I received an ARC of this book from the publisher who only asked for a fair review in return. Having just attended our daughter s wedding, I was in the mood for a murder mystery set around a wedding Ms Dunnett wrote so clearly that I felt I was present at the vows Our Scottish sleuth, Josie MacCrimmon is reeling, not just from her Mother s interference in her wedding plans, but from sensing tension between her parents The tension grows until it blows when Mrs MacCrimmon s husband, Don is accused of murdering her former college love affair, Professor A Leon Palsgrave, who is chairing the Medieval Scottish Conclave at the Western Maine Highland Games.This Professor Palsgrave has not only upset Liss wedding venue, the games have to move to The Spruces which is Moosetookalook s fancy hotel, but has also caused protestors to pop out to contest a reenactment of a battle between Henry Sinclair and the Native American Indians that may or may not have actually happened Professor Palsgrave is also known as a womanizer so when he pops up dead by broadsword, the suspect pool is full.Liss finds herself having to accept her Mother s plans for the wedding and work on making sure her father is not arrested The novel ticks us down days by days until the wedding and games That kept the tension up I found the details of a Scottish Medieval wedding fascinating and colorful I enjoyed this book. I got very, very frustrated with Liss s mother Vi I also had a hard time believing a young lady as determined as Liss has been couldn t stand up to her mother s plans for the wedding Vi s waffling over whether she thought her husband was innocent was awful So was the fact that she d never told her daughter that she d had a mastectomy Although, LIss seemed to totally drop the subject once she d had her initial bout of anger.All the characters seemed to have outbursts of emotion immediately followed by calm, rational behavior Liss griping about her mother planning her wedding was countered by Liss completely ignoring things that needed to be sorted out to run all over trying to figure out who murdered a professor, because obviously all the police in Maine are too stupid to think of the things she does.Even then, Liss wasn t nearly as thorough as she often is.I only waded through the whole thing in hopes of a lovely wedding, and even then, Liss gave in to her mother on everything Fortunately, it was a brief chapter.All in all, a very frustrating book. I seem to be reading a lot of books lately that don t strike a chord with me This is a pretty good series and I usually enjoy the books, but this one started out really badly it ended up much better Authors who allow their main character to be manipulated and walked on by their mother grandmother brother,etc because they re family and there s just nothing you can do when their minds are made up make my stomach hurt I want to read about a strong, independent woman who is polite and kind, but who can stand up for herself I almost quit reading this one because of this issue, but I m glad I persevered because as the book progressed she grew a little bit of a backbone and the mystery part was worth finishing the book I hope in future books that her parents have returned to their home far away and it s not an issue any If the mother stays in the next one, I probably won t read it. I have read most of the books in this series In general, Liss MacCrimmon is a nosy woman who runs a Scottish Emporium in Moosetookalook, Maine She butts in where she is not supposed to and has earned a reputation as a crime solver This installment is worse than the others Liss is getting married and then her father is suspected of the murder of Leon Pelsgrave, a Professor at the local college, an old suitor of Liss s mother Liss is even annoying in this book She bullies and questions every person even remotely in the vicinity of the murder and is even warned to stop interfering in a crime investigation by the state police Then she lets her mother railroad her wedding plans to suit herself but can t speak up to her The mystery itself is very transparent and I knew who did it from the end of the first chapter I guess I m finished with this one.