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READ PDF Ï Run the Game » In This Gritty Novel From The Author Of Exit Here And Dead End, Love Is A High Priced And Dangerous Game Play Or Be PlayedAlexander Didn T Believe In Love At First Sight Until He Met Patti She S The Kind Of Girl You Hear About In Songs Gorgeous, Feisty, And Dangerous Being With Patti Is Better Than Any High, And He Can T Live Without Her But Alexander S Not The Only One Who Wants To Be With Patti Burke Ruthlessly Takes What He Wants And Will Kill To Protect What Is His And He Won T Let Patti Go Without A Fight If Patti And Alexander Are Going To Be Together, Their Love Will Come At A Steep Price Because Some Promises Are Meant To Be Broken, And Not All Debts Can Be Paid In Cash Unicorn to heaven Panther to hellThis grunge fest of sex, drugs and rock n roll took me completely by surprise In a good way This isn t an easy book to get through or even something everyone will enjoy simply because of the gritty subject matter and maybe even because of the way it s written But, it s SO different Believe me when I say the author doesn t hold anything back I think what hit me the most was knowing that there are actual people living this life everyday, all around us Heed my warning this book is considered YA I have no idea how this is even possible but it s extremely graphic I m talking sex, abuse, drug use and violence If those things makes you cringe, you might want to walk away.This is a love story of sorts between a fourteen year old prostitute and a nineteen year old junkie Yes, you read that right It s love at first sight for Alexander when he lays eyes on Patti Obviously, their relationship is anything but typical they meet in a parking lot known for prostitution, after being dropped off by different johns She sells her body to buy clothes and albums, while he does what he needs to for his next fix They live in a small town that s flooded with drugs and people living rough lives, it s all really kind of tragic Throughout the entire book, I couldn t stop myself from feeling like Patti and Alexander s relationship was wrong on some level, dirty even They were sweet together in some ways though, which only added to the mass confusion in my head I m an optimist, all the way, but even I couldn t see how they were gonna make it work A tiny part of me still hoped they would find their way to New York, somehow Even if just to get out of the situations they were both in.Alexander was what made this story special for me His life was a total wreck and he did shitty things, but underneath it all, he was someone I grew to care about The juxtaposition of him living such a crappy life, but being so sure he was destined to be a rockstar, was kind of stellar And I couldn t get over all of the music references and his sense of style It was hard watching him cave to his vices, over and over, but there were times he made me laugh I m dying to know though, was he really a great song writer Did he wow the crowd like he thought, or was it all the drugs This book was unlike anything I ve ever read A story that I imagine will stick with me for awhile. The first time I ever got picked up at the A LOT, I was nervous as fuck I ain t a homo Putting that shit in your mouth Slamming or getting slammed up the ass Shit makes me wanna fucking vomit Sends fucking shivers down my spine and shit So I recently re read my review and realized it was kinda all over the place and just well, sloppy Since I don t really care enough to spend time writing a whole new review, here are some quick reasons why I did not like Run the Game It s marketed towards readers 16 , I do not believe most 16 year old kids are mature enough to read this I cuss alot and even I got annoyed with the constant and shit also fuck thrown at the end of every sentence obviously I m over exaggerating when I say every sentence The main character Alex, annoyed the hell outta me and made me want to pull my hair out His love for Patti had no reasoning, and came out of no where insta love This is the worst book I have ever read next to Fifty Shades of Grey.Everyone has their own opinion on things and this is mine I didn t care for this book one bit and it was the biggest waste of 9.99 I have heard good things about Jason s other books, so I may give those a try, but I won t be buying them that s for sure Gonna borrow them from the library That s all, and shit Frankly, I see most of the reviews that I ve read to be based off of stupidity, and closed mindedness I m 17 years old, and I know a good book when I read it It s not because I live a life like that, or even want to But people do go through this There are people that are power hungry like Lars, or Burke There are also people that fall in love daily Jason went beyond what was expected of him you may not see a 14 year old prostitute, and 19 year old junkie fall in love, but he symbolized it as a regular boy falling in love with a regular girl Seeing as Patti played with Alexander s heart, don t we see boys nowadays play with girls hearts Yes Okay On the subject of the gruesome sex Kids these days aren t influenced by books to have gritty, hot sex They re influenced by the people around them It s not that adults think that we re too YOUNG to read books like these, it s the fact that most of our teenage population isn t MATURE enough to read books like these Adults blow it waaaay out of proportion I can read books like these because I decipher everything in a logical way than most teenagers I see this book to be satisfyingly brutal I really like the way that Jason kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last word of the novel I was intrigued by the way that he set up the plot, and the setting The character development We went from thinking that Patti and Alexander were going to go to New York forever to being completely appalled at the end when she sets him up It s a tear jerking read, and I definitely recommend it to people of ANY age, as long as their mind is mature enough to handle the way that Myers writes. To everyone saying horrible things about this book YOU HAVE TO LIKE THR STYLE OF WRITTING Jason Myers writes very detailed graphic scenese That s his style If you don t like that styledon t read the books Its directed towards young audience s, no I wouldn t refined this book to anyone s under the age of 18 but I read all three books that best previously written a d love all 3 of them and am reading this one now People are so fast to say bad things about all the graphics or what not but the sad this is that s what kids are doing these daysits reality pretty much No it doesn t make it okay buy kids can relate to these books.