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张爱玲文集 epub 张爱玲文集 MOBI《天才梦》《到底是上海人》《洋人看京戏及其他》《更衣记》《公寓生活记趣》《道路以目》《必也正名乎》《烬余录》《谈女人》《走!走到楼上去!》《有女同车》《爱》《论写作》《童言无忌》《造人》《打人》《说胡萝卜》《私语》《中国人的宗教》《诗与胡说》《写什么》《传奇再版序》《炎樱语录》《散戏》《忘不了的画》《谈跳舞》《谈音乐》《自己的文章》《夜营的喇叭》《借银灯》《银宫就学记》《存稿》《雨伞下》《谈画》《气短情长及其他》?.

[Reading] ➸ 张爱玲文集 Author Eileen Chang – 本书一共四卷。第一卷:《牛》《霸王别姬》《沉香屑 第二炉香》《茉莉香片》《心经》《封锁》《琉璃瓦》《年轻的时候》《花凋》《殷宝滟送花楼本书一共四卷。第一卷:《牛》《霸王别姬》《沉香屑 第二炉香》《茉莉香片》《心经》《封锁》《琉璃瓦》《年轻的时候》《花凋》《殷宝滟送花楼会》《等》《桂花蒸 阿小悲秋》《留情》《鸿鸾禧》《相见欢》《色·戒》《五四遗事》第二卷:《沉香屑 第一炉香》《倾城之恋》《金锁记》《红玫瑰与白玫瑰》《连环套》《创世纪》《多少恨》《小艾》第三卷:《十八春》《怨女》第四卷:《迟暮》《秋雨》《书评四篇》《论卡通画之前途》《牧羊者素描》《心愿》.

Paperback  Å 张爱玲文集 PDF/EPUB ↠

Paperback Å 张爱玲文集 PDF/EPUB ↠ 張愛玲 who was born to a prominent family in Shanghai one of her great grandfathers was Li Hongzhang in 1920She went to a prestigious girls' school in Shanghai where she changed her name from Chang Ying to Chang Ai ling to match her English name Eileen Afterwards she attended the University of Hong Kong but had to go back to Shanghai when Hong Kong fell to Japan during WWII While in Shanghai she was briefly married to Hu Lancheng the notorious Japanese collaborator but later got a divorceAfter WWII ended she returned to Hong Kong and later immigrated to the United States in 1955 She married a scriptwriter in 1956 and worked as a screenwriter herself for a Hong Kong film studio for a number of years before her husband's death in 1967 She moved from New York to Los Angeles in 1972 and became a hermit of sorts during her last years She passed away alone in her apartment in 1995

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