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I don t like poetry, I don t like poems This however touched something inside me May have to go and rethink some basic principles. Not as good as Splinter Factory but very funny and worth the read Favorites Survivor s Gate Uncle Eggplant Logic in the house of Sawed Off Telescopes Opposites Attack Pornograpgy For Eunuchs Winter Landscape with Manatee This book has been rated highly by many so some justification is in order here I picked this up having read a few McDaniel poems online, such as The Scars of Utopiaand The Quiet WorldBoth are wonderful poems, original and thought provoking The latter in particular, with its context established so well in the commentary accompanying the poem, makes a convincing argument for the idea that even democratically elected governments can subjugate their peoples through measures designed with seemingly noble intentions the rationing of words is merely the government s way of promoting greater social interaction an idea that is not very far fetched This was promising stuff, so I had great hopes for this book, which, sadly, did not last long For starters, The Quiet Worldis included in this collection, in presumably its original form, which has a rather unwelcome twist The first stanza here reads In an effort to get people to lookinto each other s eyes ,and also to appease the mutes,the government has decided to alloteach person exactly one hundredand sixty seven words, per day.The additional third line is not just in contradiction to the essence of the rest of poem, it is unnecessary To be sure, administrations continually consider measures that curtail the rights to free speech and individual liberties and which justly ought to be criticized, but to attack the programs of positive discrimination towards the physically, socially or economically disadvantaged that have been instituted by modern governments is nothing short of taking a cheap shot it is in the seeking of the greatest good of the greatest number that governments have brought about holocausts, not in attempting to promote social justice Without the added line, the point was well made with it, the message becomes inconsistent This may seem like a lot of fuss over a single sentence, were it not that it is symptomatic of much that is disappointing with elements of contemporary poetry and a lot of postmodern art in general it is no longer enough to be critical of the establishment to be deemed provocative, instead a young poet has to distinguish himself by encroaching on territory that traditionally would have been regarded with far greater sensitivity Under the guise of delivering complexity of meaning, shades of grey are needlessly introduced in which minority groups, women, the elderly, gays, all are fair game Our new anti establishment thinkers crave a publicly funded tenured position, while they decry public policy Thus is the multiplicity of interpretations that art offers subverted into a single, intolerant message conservative is now radical, right is the new left Which is of course, rather disheartening.As for the rest of the collection, although McDaniel s skill in his craft means that when he gets it right, the effect is cleverYour legs are longer than a prisoner s last night on death row, if there is a broader subtext to any of the poems, it is not immediately apparent Within most poems there is very little variation in his basic poetic device of constructing couplets with occasional tie ins, often with provocative imagery, and after a while the overuse of the device starts to jar McDaniel is however still young was so when this collection was published and his talent is obvious enough to expect a lot of good work in the future. This book contains the poem The Quiet World Look it up It s brilliant Easily my favorite poem of any I ve ever read. [ FREE DOWNLOAD ] ☾ Forgiveness Parade ☫ In Jeffrey McDaniel S Second Book, It Is Hard To Separate The Humor From The Pain Both Qualities Are Omnipresent Whether He S Tackling Dysfunctional Family Memories In The Most Awful Lullaby , Or Broken Hearted Romance In Poems Like Another Long Day In The Office Of Dreams The Quiet World is one of my favourite poems So is The Archipelago of Kisses So I m sad that this collection left me underwhelmed in general, and overwhelmed with bad family therapy confessional box vibes Another Long Night in the Office of Dreams is great The on purpose awfulness of The Jerk could be Tinder s national anthem Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fondue Your eyesare so green, one of your parents must bepart traffic light.It s definitely me than the poems because I hate modern sloppiness and modern confessionality I guess I like the first two poems because they exhibit a measure of control and technique and distance missing from the others. This is my colleague at works favorite book of poems I liked it They were often grotesque, usually poignant, and always weird. I picked this book up because someone read a poem from it The poem is The Quiet World, and I included a link to it at the end of my review , and I liked it so much, I checked the book out from the library The person who read the poem said that McDaniel got his start in the slam poetry world and then implied that he sold out by publishing books in the literary poetry world I think McDaniel s poetry has the best of both worlds, his poems are vibrant and entertaining, they would be great at poetry readings, but they are also rich and still have weight behind them His comparisons and descriptions are great Some poems are lighter than others, but I think the poems deserve the respect they are getting.Last year I read another book of his, The Endarkenment, and also enjoyed that quite a bit as well, although I liked Forgiveness Parade better.His titles were complex overall, and a lot of his lines were broken into regular stanzas.My favorite poems in the book The Quiet WorldTour Guide to the Nation s CapitalMannequin Complex The Jerk Interesting to see other themes and topics eg family and childhood that are rarely ever part of his popular pieces that have been making rounds on the Internet While obviously talented McDaniel is a wordsmith there is a lack of thematic unity and cohesion that would tie these poems together as a collection On their own, there are a lot of poems that are beautiful Taken together, it represents a somewhat weak collection that have beautifully written poems that have very little to do with one another The author s intent is sometimes lost on me This is my first McDaniel collection, and this was published in 1998, so perhaps the next books he has released may have already addressed these issues. This book is an experience Jeffrey McDaniel has achieved nothing short of brilliance with The Forgiveness Parade, beautifully stringing words together into something capable of arousing every one of your senses, one at a time I won t be forgetting this one for a while 5 5