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This is the best book I ve read ever about Memory Negative memories in your childhood and life could become your fear I realized that I have a lot of fears like that I have lots of Protection Class This book is perfect for anyone who want to find themselves and live with peace soul. #READ EPUB ë Discover Your Hidden Memory & Find the Real You õ From Before Each Of Us Was Born, And Up To A Young Age, Our Experiences Of The World And Of Our Parents Shaped Us In Ways We Do Not Even Realise Our Brains Were Not Developed Enough To Make Sense Of Our Early Lives And So These Experiences Become Unresolved, Unconscious Memories Our Responses To Situations And Events Are Often Unconscious Reflexes We Devise To Protect Ourselves As Adults, This Can Lead Us To Repeat Unwanted Patterns That Prevent Us Achieving What We Really WantThis Book Reveals The Powerful, Invisible Waves Of Influence That Inform Our Actions, Bind Us To The Past And Hold Us Back In Our Present Simple But Effective Exercises Provide The Tools To Identify Exactly How Our Actions Today Are Connected To Our Early Childhood Experiences And Our Relationships With Our Parents, As Well As To Past Generations, History And Culture It Also Shows Us What We Can Do About It Now A book that you need to read several times to fully understand it, or to see it from several perspectives.One of the important ideas that I have left is that we can not fight a war with another war, so it is important to show compassion towards what we discover, to our limitations We have to be kind and nonjudgmental regarding our emotions Even if we are conditioned by society to look for and choose to feel only positive emotions, it is good for us to feel all the emotions the fear and the pain because they are natural emotions, not to fight with fear, pain, negative emotion If we ignore them our negative emotions will not disappear but only amplify.Life is like a breath inspiring let it in, accepting life, pause let it be and feel expire let it go.It is important to feel, just feel the experience we live in and learn from it Even verbalizing the situation and the state is a protection because we want to protect from fear and pain and is another form we choose not to feel.Feel and do not run away from your emotions, they are your friends and show you what you can not notice from the subconscious Choose to feel emotions do not ignore them. . Very profound and eliberating Very well explained how compassion can lead us to awareness and what we can do to help us overcome fear . , Discover You Hidden Memory Find the Real You is not a book everyone should read But if you are a person who want to learn new things about himself the book is for you And it is only the beginning The next step is practicing the methods described in the book And the best way to do so is by participation to the seminars that Dr Yousry organize He is an amazing person, a person who has found his inner peace and his essence And that is what everyone should learn to do I wish to everyone who dare to read this book to find the way to his true essence.