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Disciples Literal New Testament, Hardcover, Michael Magill, Reyma Publishing, 2011, 476 Pages, ISBN 978 1937368074, 39.99We have an outstanding number of Bible translations available today, from the simplicity of The Message, to what some consider the difficult King James Version with a variety in between However, I ve never read anything quite like what author and teacher Michael Magill offers in the Disciples Literal New Testament translation DLNT The subtitle describes it well Serving modern disciples by fully reflecting the writing style of the ancient disciples Magill s work complements the New Testament in every way and is easy to read and understand It retains the apostles writing style with unique paragraphing that reflects how the ancient disciples thought and wrote Unlike the common chapter and verse layout modern readers are familiar with this translations paragraphing and paragraph summaries reflect the literal flow of thought and language from the original Greek Magill calls this style intelligent paragraphing Full Review I m so glad this translation is available on www.biblegateway.com for free I have been comparing it to other translations such as NIV, ESV, NKJV and YLT and so far, the DLNT, either wins out or closely matches the others I also appreciated the author s introduction whereby he convincingly argues that it is possible for one man to accomplish an excellent translation of all the books of the New Testament. {Free} ⚝ Disciples Literal New Testament ⚶ If You Love God S Word You Will Love This New Testament The Disciples Literal New Testament Sets You Free From Our Artificial Year Old Chapter And Verse Structure, Replacing It With Paragraphing That Reflects The Flow Of Thought In The Original Greek Writings Paragraph Headings Make That Flow Of Thought Explicit To You, Speeding Your Understanding Of The NT Books This Translation Retains The Writing Style Of The Apostles Themselves, Rather Than Transforming Their Greek Ways Of Writing Into An Elegant Or Contemporary English Writing Style, As Has Been Beautifully Done So Many Times It Is The Same Translation As The Author S New Testament TransLine, First Published By Zondervan In Now You Can Read The New Testament As The Original Writers Intended It, And See It With A Clarity Formerly Available Only To Those Who Could Carefully Study Their Greek New Testament You Can Even See The Difference In Writing Style Between Matthew, Mark And Luke Used Along With Your Standard Bible Version, You Will Profit From Both Methods Of Translation Easily Grasp The Relationship Of The Whole And The Parts Of Each Book With The Big Picture Overview Outlines That Use The Words Of The Original Author Gain Quick Insight Into The Flow Of Thought From Descriptive Paragraph Headings That Summarize The Main Point Of Each Paragraph In Its Context You Can Visually Follow The Apostles Thinking Because The Intelligent Paragraphing Visually Displays Their Main And Subordinate Thoughts The Hindrance To Your Understanding Caused By Our Artificial Chapter And Verse Structure Is Eliminated By Paragraphing Based On The Greek Writings You Will Fully Appreciate The Minds And Thinking Patterns And Intent Of The Original Writers Because The Translation Corresponds Closely To Their Words And Their Grammar And Their Sentence Structure Deepen And Expand Your Understanding Of The New Testament By Meditating On The Notes Containing Alternative Renderings, Explanations Of What Is Being Said, And Different Views Of The Meaning