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#Read Ebook å The First Secret of Edwin Hoff · THE FIRST SECRET OF EDWIN HOFF Is A Batman Meets Bourne Thriller About An Elite Commando Living The Unexpectedly Public Life Of A Billionaire Tech Entrepreneur But When Edwin Is Called To Stop A Bio Attack Planned To Release From A Plane, He Does What A Seal Team Fighter Would Do For His Next Act, And Under Deep Cover, He Protects The World From Terror While Turning Those He Meets Into HeroesEdwin Hoff Is A Fictional Character Inspired By A Real Person Danny Lewin Was A Counter Terror Captain In Israel S Equivalent Of Seal Team He Trained To Rescue Hostages And Kill Terrorists With His Bare Hands Later He Went To MIT For His Masters In Math And Founded Akamai Technologies, Becoming A Billionaire Overnight On September , Danny Boarded AA Flight And Went To Visit Customers In California Amid The Horrifying Tragedy, Danny Left Behind This Puzzle On September , He Packed Up His Office No One Knows Why A decent mystery thriller should be a 3.5 star read WowThis is the first book by A.B Bourne I have read, and I know I will read by them.I was impressed by how the people and events were organized in this hook It was different but really worked well I recommend this book Obstreperous coffee Nuff ced.