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I read Shashi Deshpande s The Binding Vine late into last night and was left with a dark, disturbing feeling For the first time , I was reading someone who did not romanticize or glorify grief and pain Urmi , the narrator stubbornly embraces her grief and pain after losing her one year old daughter to death She refuses to be condoled and instead gets pulled into the sad tale of a comatose Kalpana , who apparently had been raped brutally , but whose mother adamantly refuses to file a case because she has two daughters to marry and she does not want the daughters honor to be sabotaged As the days progress and Kalpana is forcibly shifted to another far away hospital much against her mother s wish , her mother is forced to revise her views and gives a statement to a journalist of how her daughter was raped and how injustice had been meted out to her all along The statement hastens justice , yet at a personal level , it opens a can of worms and Kalpana s mother is forced to see some ugly truths By the end , she sees light and in calm undertones tells Urmi that her Kalpana is not at all like that she is a nice girl In between her grief and Kalpana s case , Urmi manages to unearth the sordid past of her long dead mother in law Meera, who had been a victim of marital rape Meera s poetry speaks directly to Urmi and to the reader in the four lines painstakingly penned in a moment of utter despair Don t tread paths barred to youObey , never utter a no Submit and your life will beA paradise , she said and blessed mThese four lines sum up the essence of what every young girl is taught the moment she is betrothed to a man.And these lines Meera pens when renamed as Nirmala A glittering ring gliding on the riceCarefully traced a name Nirmala Who is this None but I,My name hence, bestowed upon me.Nirmala, they call, I stand satue still.Do you build the new without razing the old A tablet of rice, a pencil of gold.Can they make me Nirmala I am MiraEven as Urmi struggles to bring justice to the dead Mira , by trying to get her poems published , she knows she has to fight many personal battles The book though primarily about feminism is also about the mechanics of grief and loss I almost closed this book after the second chapter , because the terms were too colloquial the names of different characters and their relationship with each other in the beginning would have helped , the shift in the setting and scene was abrupt and sudden But I am glad I stuck, otherwise I would have missed the compassion and love with which Ms Deshpande weaves her tale A book fervently recommended to every feminist and humanist out there , I happily award 4 stars to this book. This is the most moving book I ve ever read which describes loss breath taking The Binding Vine by Shashi Deshpande is a hard hitting novel about the concepts that surround women Set in a patriarchal world, it is a narration of the protagonist, Urmila and the women in her life, some of whom she happens to encounter by chance They come from various strata of the society and bind themselves together with the narrator.Showing the multi faceted ness of the central character, the story begins with a miserable Urmi, mourning the death of her beloved infant daughter Anu Caught in an unhappy marriage where her husband is away on the sea most of the times, Urmi finds it difficult to cope with this loss She struggles to accept the reality, both relating to her marriage with Kishore and Anu s death She starts feeling emotionally detached to Kishore and also shuns her mother Inni s and friend cum sister in law Vanaa s attempts to help her, which makes it harder for her to deal with life at the moment She also knows she ought to give attention to her son, realizing her accountability towards him who longs for her love and affection Urmi, herself in her childhood, was sent away to live with her grandmother Baiaji to whom she was closer to than her own mother while her brother continued to live with their parents She knows she shouldn t be keeping her son away the way her mother did to her.While overcoming her grief, Urmi crosses path with three women Mira, her dead mother in law, Kalpana, a brutal rape survivor and her impoverished mother, Shakutai As their story unfolds, so does their strength and courage blossoms.Urmi comes across Mira s journals locked away in a dusty trunk when she visits her Biaji s home when she dies Curiosity gets the better of her and she opens it to find Mira s hand written notes, her poetries, most of which spoke about her torturous arranged marriage to Kishore s father and the life she desired Married off to a man who fell in love with her beauty at a social function, Mira becomes a victim of domestic violence and marital rape She conceived as a result and died during the delivery of her son and was ultimately emancipated from her miseries But before that, being a gifted writer she was, penned down her beautiful poems, which years later capture Urmi s attention who finds an escape in them Urmi makes it her aim to get the poems published in the honor of the woman, who was forcefully made a wife and the mother, who wanted to love her child but couldn t, irrespective of the way in which he was put into her.Urmi meets Shakutai at a local hospital where she has come with her friend Bhaskar On seeing the woman upset and crying, she enquires and finds that her daughter Kalpana has been raped and is fighting for her life Urmi sympathizes with her and to some extent identifies, since both the women are at a loss of their respective daughters Urmi forms a mutual comfort with Shakutai, visits her room in the chawl where she tells her how her Kalpana would fight with her her young, fierce energy oozing confidence Urmi suggests lodging police but Shakutai refuses because she fears that no one would marry her girl In fact she should be worrying about her lying in a hospital bed, unconscious, instead she regrets not forcing her to marry her lecherous uncle, the husband of her childless sister Sulu, who preferred Kalpana over some other woman to bear her husband a child Blaming Kalpana for her situation, Shakutai curses her for being so forward, thinking that she could be spared of the fate that awaits a woman It is eventually found by Sulu that it was her husband who had revenged Kalpana as a punishment for refusing to marry him Sulu, in shame commits suicide but not before exposing her criminal husband While Shakutai still couldn t deal with her daughter s loss, she is pushed into mourning her sister as well.The central characters of this novel are women, some weak, some strong, all bound by a vine called Urmi, reaping it with love, concern, comfort and courage to each other Each one of them has their own challenges and are trying best to deal with them The author uses the themes of death, marriage, rape, loneliness and loss to highlight the plight of these women.All the women have had challenging marriages, Mira was exploited by her husband, Inni and Vanaa supposedly were too submissive to their respective partners, sisters Shakutai and Sulu were abandoned, one literally, the other emotionally and Urmi had second thoughts about her relationship with Kishore They are lonely despite having had a life partner each Is it so important for a woman to get married Rape is another violation that brings them closer, Mira and Kalpana both were victims, a generation apart, one married and another unmarried Yet it is the women who get the blame for being a catalyst for her own horrific plight Is it really the victim s disgrace and not the criminal s Death is a truth of life that none will ever understand It is eminent yet we are unable to accept it Women of this novel are compelled to face it, both Urmi and Shakutai grieve the deaths of their beloved daughters While Urmi also grieves her grandmother, Shakutai has Sulu to blame who leaves her in her time of need Will we ever understand that death spares no one, timely or untimely All the women are looking for their place in the patriarchal world Being defined by her father or husband is not her only identity She can be independent of them and make her own place if she manages to gather enough courage When a woman can bring a new life into the world, she definitely can take care of herself It is a question of being true to oneself Urmi decides to publish Mira s poems while Shakutai decides to go public with Kalpana s violator This sense of being liberated from a cage, to get their voices heard, truly is their victory. The book underlining tales of females in India and their Status.they are shown to be completely dominated and instructed by their counterparts the patriarchy and are blamed for things which are actually plotted by the males.A must read in order to get sensitized towards women.A book concernning feminist issues though its writer vehemently opposes the tag of being called a FEMININST STRANGE A good Book overall. Another beautiful book by Ms Deshpande The book is essentially about loss the deep sense of loss which comes with losing a young child We are drawn into the intensity or Urmi s world her recollections, her hopes and dreams, and the start of her healing On the journey, we are taken into the loss of a confused mother whose child is lying in a coma after she has been raped, the loss of a dead relative who used poetry as an outlet during her loveless marriage..and.I realise whilst writing this review that the book is essentially rather depressing, though real and intense Do not read it unless you want to delve into those feelings. It s a 3.5, really Shashi Deshpande is a strangely underrated writer, one who describes the quiet despair and deep strength of the middle class Indian woman in a way very few other writers have done This one is the story of a grief stricken school teacher, Urmila, who, while trying to cope with the loss of her daughter, discovers stories of women enduring worse, both within her family and outside Through these women, Deshpande explores some intense questions What does it take to be an independent minded woman in a deeply patriarchal society What is the nature of grief and coping What is it that ultimately gives you reason to go on, in the face of an unbearable world It s a fierce and vivid tale, even if some of the characters remain sketchy Mira, Akka, Inna, each could have an entire book to herself This is an author who needs to be explored further. I can never get enough of Shashi Deshpande s tantalizing writing no matter how dark, how depressing her stories are , I always feel at home when I read them Her characters are real the circumstances she creates in the story are realistic Yes, this book too is, dark, gloomy but very realisticOnly one, a son the word keeps hammering in my mind How could I, oh God, how could I That was betrayal, treachery, how could I deny my Anu says Urmila Urmila the main protagonist is grieving over her baby daughter Anu s death Though her mother, her friend constantly tries to take her out of this depression but she is not willing to come out of it, not yet She wants to make sure this grieve of hers stays alive and wants it to become a part of her life, just so that at any given situation she would never forget her baby, her Anu Consequently, Urmila s grieve draws her to be a part of her long dead mother in law Mira s melancholic poems only to discover a hidden secret of Mira s forceful marriage and its norms that she followed unwillingly Which is revealed so clearly in her poemsDon t tread paths barred to youObey, never utter a no ,Submit and your life will be a paradise, she said and blessed me No, growing painfully withinLike a monster child was born Urmila also entangles herself in yet another issue of Shakutai and her daughter Kalpana a rape victim she visits them regularly in the hospital Tries to tell Shakutai to give a police complaint so that they can take further action but Shakutai refuses to do so, as she is scared of the society and the mindset of the people around her Caught between these two situations Mira s poems which Urmila wants to publish badly yet she cannot and Shakutai Kalpana s agony, Urmi finds herself confused and helpless But does she find any answer for these questions or does she not The below line says it allAnd so we go on I don t want any , I ve had enough, I ve had enough, Shakutai cried out But in the morning I found her getting on with her chores You can never opt out you can never lay it down, the burden of belonging to the human race There s only one way out of this Chakravyuha Abhimanyu had to die there was no other way he could have got out &FREE DOWNLOAD ⇲ The Binding Vine ✘ There Can Be No Vaulting Over Time, Thinks Urmila, The Narrator Of Shashi Deshpande S Profound And Soul Stirring Novel We Have To Walk Every Step Of The Way, However Difficult Or Painful It Is We Can Avoid Nothing After The Death Of Her Baby, Urmila Finds Her Own Path Difficult To Endure But Through Her Grief, She Is Drawn Into The Lives Of Two Very Different Women One Her Long Dead Mother In Law, A Thwarted Writer, The Other A Young Woman Who Lies Unconscious In A Hospital Bed And It Is Through These Quiet, Unexpected Connections That Urmi Begins Her Journey Toward HealingThe Miracle Of The Binding Vine, And Of Shashi Deshpande S Deeply Compassionate Vision, Is That Out Of This Web Of Loss And Despair Emerge Strand Of Life And Hope A Binding Vine Of Love, Concern, And Connection That Spreads Across Chasms Of Time, Social Class, And Even Death In Moving And Exquisitely Understated Prose, Deshpande Renders Visible The Extraordinary Endurance And Grace Concealed In Women S Everyday Lives I have read very few Indian authors To me she is the best amongst the few that I have read standing right next to Tagore, the master storyteller Shashi s writing style is so simple and natural It speaks to you without any effort She has managed to maintain a flow throughout the novel She beautifully ties up all the subplots and has beautifully captured the issues faced by men and women under an oppressive patriarchal society. This is my second book by Shashi Deshpande and loved this one too She is a scintillating author dark, reflective, female oriented All her characters are strong, but with flaws I love the way she depicts people in varying shades fo gray No one is perfect as in real life and though some of the incidents are dramatized I feel keen sympathy and empathy towards most characters This was a dark book dealing with the life of a woman after the death of her one year old daughter.