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I kind of skimmed through a bit of the middle, but that wasn t because it was bad or anything It s late and I needed to know the ending At least I didn t just skip to the end I feel I would have missed an awful lot by doing that. It was really a good read It was interesting to see that it kept your interest all the way through it I could have done without the sex, but that is just my opinion I didn t realize when i bought the book on that it was a romance book of a sort, but it was still good It had a truly good story, I loved Robins attitude throughout it, right when you thought a boring part or not so adventurous part was coming up, a part that you knew you would just have to read and get through before the good stuff again, adventurous or fun stuff, Princess Robin would say or do something, or Sir Simon would and it really wasn t boring any There seemed to be a lot of comic relief in it, but it really wasn t comical as much as it would make me snort with a mock laugh, or smile thinking That was good , or the common in the beginning of the book seriously, he said that to her I really liked in the end when the king recognized her as his daughter I am truly a sucker for stuff like that, it seems so sweet and makes me happy I mean who wouldn t want to know they have a faithful child out there, and then be surprised in finding them when they thought there was none I enjoyed the book a lot and thought it was well thought out and written I liked the fact that it wasn t written in 1st person I just finished reading another book that while it was really good and all, I didn t like that it was written in 1st person, it just seemed kind of weird to read to me, I was alway taught that you don t write in 1st person cause you want to use me, my, and I and you are not suppose to, then again that was in high school I liked that the end was a settlement of things nicely and neatly ending it without any asking yourself well what is going to happen to this, or that And it also ended in a way that you know the wedding was not the end but the beginning of something else, but that would be for another story, for then anyway I felt content that all of the little issues were neatly folded up and put away Now for what I didn t like There really wasn t much that I didn t like I didn t like how John wasn t really the villain like I had read in other books, but Dana Taylors version did make a lot of sense, although he ended up seeming like a very one dimensional character I just don t understand how a character can seem to not care about anything in the story line, but that is just me I think I thought the description of Basil was terrible The book described him physically but not really personally It was mentioned a few times as to way he was the way he was but not to any sort of point that was on a truly personal level It might have been Mrs Taylor s intention, not wanting to draw attention away from her main characters, and is absolutely fine, just not the complete explanation s that I like, but again that is just me personally I read the book because it seemed fun, and my 12 year old daughter likes Robin Hood and just finished reading yet another book about Robin Hood so I had Robin Hood on the brain Really I don t understand how you can expect a story about one thing to be interesting when it has been told and retold to death Only so much can be written about the exact same thing and still seem unique in some way So when I came across the story of Robin Hood but with some major twists but still seeming like the original story i had to read it I really wasn t expecting it to be all the original seeming and all but was quickly surprised within the first 12 pages that it was I think it was worth my time to read and I wasn t disappointed in the least. #FREE DOWNLOAD ó Royal Rebel ë Prepare Ye For A Lark As The Robin Hood Legend Is Turned Upside Down In The Award Winning Romance, PRINCESS ROBIN By Dana Taylor The King S Secret DaughterThe Secret Daughter Of King Richard The Lion Hearted, Princess Robin Leads Her Merry Men Against The Tyrannical Reign Of Prince John Feisty And Fearless, Robin Fights Injustice As She Awaits The Return Of Her Crusading Father Will He Acknowledge His Rustic, Bandit Daughter The King S SpyArrogant Knight Extraordinaire, Sir Simon Of Loxley Returns To England As King Richard S Spy Posing As A Court Jester, He Encounters The Formidable Princess Robin Can Such Dominating Personalities Form An Alliance Will Love Overcome Stubborn Pride Filled With Humor, Adventure, Color And Romance, Princess Robin Presents Delightful Twists To The Beloved Sherwood Tale Any Historical Accuracy Is Strictly Coincidental Note Sexual Content May Be Inappropriate For Younger Readers Previewed Barely finished itI came close to giving up on this one several times..but, I did finish it, which is the only reason it received 2 stars instead of 1 I thought it was going to be a robin hood retelling, with a strong female lead It wasn t She basically ran around getting into trouble because she was hotheaded, belligerent, stubborn and too stupid to EVER listen to any advice And the love interest, was a controlling, chauvinistic, ass On top of that, their love story was basically them making out, fighting or having sexnot worth it at all Royal Rebel is a new take on an old story of Robin Hood Princess Robin is the secret child of King Richard and she is known through out the land as Princess Robin whom steals from the Rich and Gives to the Poor with her band of merry boys While Robin is trying to thwart Prince John she run into Sir Simon whom she believes to be just a count Jester Princess Robin is raised as a wild child and has no desires to fulfill her duties as a woman of her time Sir Simon takes every opportunity to teaser her, bate her and make her as angry as possible Sir Simon is a Knight of King Richard and is trying to save King Richard true love from marring the fat Prince John Robin and Simon are throw together into a light and fun adventures that takes them from the Sherwood forest, though swampy mash lands, mountains so high and back down to Nottingham Looking for an artifact that will keep Lady Marion from marrying Prince John Robin fall in love with Simon over the course of their adventure because she realizes that he isn t what he seems Their romance blossoms and the author gives the reader a reminder of their first love, however there are several sex scenes in the book while not graphic I wouldn t want my young teen or teen reading the book I wish the author had created of a adventure and less romance throughout the book but that is only my opinion because I enjoy a good adventure and less romance I will however admit I did giggle like a school girl while reading the book several times.I also wish the author made Robin physically strong and able to take care of herself and less I fallen and I can t get up Several times Robin talks about being able to take care of herself or knowing where she was going but instead she is lost or falling into quicksand or off the side of a mountain I feel it would have made Robin a bit believable as a thief, the leader of a robbers if she was able to take care of herself I read this book remembering it is self published young adult novel and while it isn t going to win Pulitzer prize I think the author gave a fun take on a very old story It is a love story for the young adult who might not be ready for a strong adult romance but do not want to be stuck reading Disney romance story either.The author took lot of liberty in her choices of history, landscape and language used but at the same time it was an enjoyable teen twenty something novel If you are looking for a quick summer romance with a adventure this book Royal Rebel is for you. This book was not what what I expected The hero continually lusted after the fair maiden and the heroine continually lusted after the oh so swoon worthy hero Quite often it reminded me of fan fiction than an actual novel There were the classic I hate you so much speeches just before declarations of love I think perhaps I was expecting adventure and less romance This book is a romance novel Start to finish I was expecting Robin to do heroic rescues and defy death Instead she was repeatedly rescued and nearly killed herself several times. Love the coverthis is a good retelling of an old favorite story Who doesn t want the rich to have to support the poor Well at least the poor do especially if the rich are lording over the poor and making their lives miserable Well in steps Princess Robin to fix all of that Some sex and not for young eyes Not a bad story. An author offering up a review of her own book may appear a bit self serving, shall we say Let me just state PRINCESS ROBIN was a delight to write and got me through a difficult time When my Dad suffered a stroke a few years back, I had to leave my family and become his caretaker for a time During that period ROBIN came to life.The highjinks of Princess Robin and her arrogant knight, Sir Simon of Loxley filled my hours and lifted my spirits Inspired by the technicolor clothing and rousing musical score of Errol Flynn s Robin Hood, my imagination spun out a whole new tale.PRINCESS ROBIN brings romance, comedy, and adventure to the digital age Available in the Kindle Edition at.com for 5.00. 1.5