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READ PDF ò Missing You, Love Sara Ú There Are Hundreds And Thousands Of Missing Persons Whether They Have Changed Identity To Remain Hidden From Those Who Love Them, Whether They Have Been Abducted Or Some Other Reason Is Not Always Known Missing You, Love Sara Is A Story Of Such A Person And The Effect On Those Left Behind At Am, Thursday May Th, Sara S Sister Reenie Disappears Was She Kidnapped Did She Kill Herself Did She Simply Decide To Vanish Or Is Her Body Lying Somewhere Waiting To Be Found This Is Sara S Story As She Tries To Work It Out How Can Someone Like Reenie Just Disappear And Are The Police Really Doing Everything They Can To Find Her Ages This was the book that sparked my love for reading in late Primary School I had finally discovered my genre3 A fantastic book, I loved it when I first finished it I read it in one day I was a little disappointed because it didn t resolve anything when the book concluded but after some time I was pleased that she had left you hanging cause then we were able to make up our own ending which I found rather good because most books give you a conclusion that sometimes you don t prefer and you had a great ending that didn t really turn out happening and then you don t enjoy the book as much as you would have wanted to. Sin duda me perd al leer este libro, nunca nos ponemos a pensar cuando una persona puede desaparecer tan de repente y c mo debemos de reaccionar antes eso Buen libro nunca aburre debido a la intriga que deja al terminar un cap tulo. Another great read from Jackie French