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It s OK not great and not bad you can say it s enjoyable with some interesting event here and there This has to have been one of the surprising mangas I ve read this year I admit that I took a while to warm up to this series, but once it starts getting rolling, you can t help but want to keep reading to see what happens next.Considering that the main pace of the story has been just survive , a lot actually happens in this volume, some of which seems likely and some of which doesn t Plot wise, there s three big stories here First we have the emergence of the mysterious fighter Yarai and his group, the sudden appearance of a deadly illness that strikes Yarai and Akira s groups, as well as the discovery of what happened to many of the adults from the flight I admit that I d been wondering what had happened to the adults and why exactly we hadn t seen them Their allegiance to their leader is what surprises me, though What bothered me about the leader is that she s a 10 year old girl, the daughter of a billionaire While I understand that people tend to like to hold onto the ideas of power and control that they had in stable times even if that power is no longer applicable to the situation , the manga has gone out of its way to highlight how inhuman people can act when you take civilization and the idea of repercussions away I can t help but find it a little surprising that a young girl would be able to do all of this and not be used as a puppet for someone else This reveal is done towards the end of the volume, so I imagine that this will be expanded upon in the next volume Although I do admit that Yarai grabbing the teacher and walking away at the end of the Yarai Akira illness scare sort of made me raise an eyebrow Why on earth would you really want to go wandering about with a teacher that s still half sick, in an area where you could likely be killed at any given time I know he s a loner, but you d think that he would at least stay until she was able to walk on her own This didn t really bother me as much, as I could rationalize it away somewhat as a character quirk Art wise, this is on par with the previous volumes Female characters are still being drawn in all of their fanservice glory, but at this point I imagine that most have either embraced the fanservice, learned to overlook it for the sake of the read, or stopped reading, so this probably won t be too big of an issue But is is a shame, as this could ve been a grittier and serious tale without it, but oh well at least it s not too in the way The ancient creatures are what really takes the cake, as they re drawn with extreme detail and are often the best parts of the volume.If you ve liked the previous volumes, you ll like this one If not, then this probably won t do much to sway you. This was my first time reading a genre like this in manga, and I was really surprise because I love it as much as I love this kind of genre with my books My, I just love the idea of mixing suspense, mystery, adventure and science fiction to this story It was definitely a first time for me and I have to say that this series is going to stay with me for a very very long time probably forever hahaha.I love the suspense and mystery like duh, haha and I don t think I found some parts in this series that I dislike.Dang, I m just rambling haha Ohh well, just read this series and I m sure you ll get hook too And oops, that ending was.I dunno, I just feel that we re going to expect to come 3.5 stars I have been told to keep giving this series a chance I just cannot get into this story I cannot put my finger on exactly what I do not like though The gore isn t that bad The story is just a little lacking in my opinion I am still going to keep going in hopes that it will improve Here s only hoping. This manga would be so much better if they cut out the excessive fan service In this volume a virus strikes Akira and his crew and they must find the cause and a cure before they all die They also discover what happened to many of the adults that were on the plane The fact that the adults are being led by a ten year old seemed a bit ridiculous to me This manga is like Lost meets Lord of the Flies The survivors have become divided into separate groups each with its own leader Akira s group seems the most sane of all of them In the short period of time since the plane crash, the other survivors seem to have lost any sense of human decency, spiraling out of control and committing murder and attempting rape This series continues to have a gripping storyline Yes, I could live without the panty shots. 3.5 Stars So this is like Battle Royale Lost Jurassic Park boobs and panty shots Some parts are silly and don t make sense I m still waiting for them to explain how Mariya s laptop keeps working funny, if you google cage of eden mariya one of the auto completes after that is laptop battery, heh I m definitely caught up in the story now and want to know what s really going on though Stopping at the library later today to pick up the rest of what they ve got. `DOWNLOAD EPUB ⇞ Cage of Eden 3 ☞ Akira And His Classmates Are On A Plane Heading Back Home After A Field Trip Abroad Suddenly The Plane Crashes On A Mysterious Island Akira Is Somehow Still Alive Despite The Crash, But Soon Discovers That He S Not Exactly Safe And Sound When Enromous Supposedly Extinct Beasts Begin Chasing Him Akira Begins To Find Other Classmates Who Have Also Survived The Crash Some Work Together And Some Work Against Each Other In An Effort To Survive On The Strange IslandI SAW IT ALL A Mysterious Message Written In The Sand Drives One Of The Castaways To The Brink Of Madness Now, It Is Up To Hikari To Help Make The Situation Better But, When The Mysterious Hades Arrives The Situation Could Spell Disaster For All Of The Classmates Involved The Fight For Survival Continues HERE, In Cage Of Eden Includes Special Extras After The Story