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3.5 StarsA dash of the old west, a sprinkle of steampunk and dollop of the supernatural makes for a unique new paranormal romance with The Hunter.Colt Jackson is a Hunter born and bred though his parents tried to protect him from the family legacy, when a demon attacks him as a boy his father trains him to take down any and all of the Darkin Now the only active Hunter of the Jackon s, Colt is searching for the missing pieces of an ancient book, one he knows his Pa had The Darkin are growing in numbers and the only way to keep them from escaping the gate is putting all three pieces together and closing the gate for good But he needs a demon to help him and when he goes to summon one what he gets is a seductive succubus who wants to be human and who will test all the rules he has as a Hunter.The Hunter was a good Indian Jones isque adventure full of action and danger with a slow building romance between Colt and Lily that felt real and believable I loved how author Theresa Meyers mixed steam punk elements such as weapons and gadgetry into the paranormal while giving it an old western setting all of these little facets where perfectly blended and balanced with each other.The Jackson brothers Winchester, Remington and Colt , along with their inventor friend Marley Turlock, were incredibly intriguing and well rounded characters that came to life on the pages Colt is a sexy cowboy Hunter, named after the gun, with a Stetson, boots, duster and all His romance with Lily, the Succubus, builds unhurriedly with a good amount of sensual tension Colt experiences some internal struggle over the fact that he is a Hunter and Lily is a demon and that just doesn t mix, along with trust issues with her but he eventually comes to see the woman beneath the succubus in between treasure hunting and fighting off rock demons, hellhounds, mechanical scorpions and a sadistic archdemon named Rathe Lily s character on the other hand, was a bit of a contradiction One of my issues was she would play the sultry succubus on one page and then the next she was a demure miss trying to act the proper lady It didn t quite jive and I ended up unable to really connect with her The world building though was superbly creative and well detailed and I could easily place myself right on Tempus, the clockworks horse, riding through the dessert and cacti or even up the rugged mountain trails in search of a hidden mine.However, this story moved slowly for me and took twice as long as normal for me to finish I can t put my finger on exactly what the problem was, maybe it was just a stressful week for me, because I did enjoy the book and look forward to the rest of the series, but I hope the next books have speed to them All in all, The Hunter was a good read and a great little dip into the world of steampunk if you re new to this genre while it was still exciting to those who make forays into it often. #READ PDF ò The Hunter ⚷ Colt Jackson Is One Of Three Brothers Who Hunt Supernaturals Across The Frontier He Needs To Summon His Demon To Close The Rift Allowing Darkin Across Instead Of A Horned Monster, Curvy Redhead Succubus Lilly Bargains For Her Humanity Her Charm And Brain Plus His Silver Loaded Pistol And Mechanical Horse Save Them So Far, But He May Need To Sacrifice His Soul Basic Plot Colt Jackson is a Hunter trying to save the world from the demon hordes, but he has to summon a demon to do it The succubus Lilly wants to be human again, and believes Colt is one of the Chosen who might be able to help her out.ROMANCE ALERT The book had a cool cover, a decent blurb on the back, and I wanted to give steam punk a go sigh The concept was interesting 3 brothers in a steampunk Western who are demon hunters Ok, pretty cool Their names are Colt, Winchester, and Remington I choose to find this amusing instead of cheesy Good so far The youngest brother and protagonist is a clear character from his initial description, and I like him Lilly the succubus is a character, too, with a backstory that is interesting The plot is pretty basic get the mcguffin and reunite with brothers to battle baddies and prevent Apocalypse I ve seen Buffy, this is not a new plot line for me This doesn t bother me either, there are very few new ideas under the sun, it s all about how the story is told There was some cool steampunky gadgetry, and the mad scientist character was suitably mad and interesting.Where the story FAILS Insta love These characters, even the supposedly jaded con artist succubus, instantly feel attracted to each other and can barely control themselves around each other The demon hunter and the succubus ARGH They then proceed to spend the next 200 PAGES whining about how they can t trust each other then trusting each other and stealing kisses and teasing each other the whole time GAHHH Then, when the author finally gets to their sex scene, she set it up then skipped it BLARGH She describes every glimpse of silky thigh, nipple tighten, and uncomfortable erection up to that point, but then she leaves the reader high and dry Generally speaking, I could care less if there were sex in a book or not, but with all these descriptions, I anticipated a little guilty pleasure to come from this THEN SHE YADDA YADDAED OVER THE BEST PART The one thing that could have redeemed my frustration from all of the whining from the characters got skipped I was left simply wanting to slap the author across the face.Now I m just going to be bitchy and nitpicky due to failed expectations The characters are constantly changing their minds about each other One second, I can t trust the other person The next, why doesn t the other person just say how much he she loves me AND BACK AND FORTH It leaves the reader confused, as the characters themselves have no idea what they are feeling because it changes every two pages.Lilly should have been a BA in her own right, but she wilts and wants Colt to protect her and cherish her.The book is set up as the first book in a trilogy, with one book about each of the brothers The whole thing is set up in this book, including the love interests I have to assume the final big battle will happen in the third book All told, I may read the next book because the steampunky stuff interests me and sometimes authors get better But I checked the author s bio and she also writes harlequin romances, so I just don t know if stomaching another romance with stupid characters who lose all coolness and sense of self once introduced to the love interest is something I can do just to get a few cool steampunk moments. I wasn t impressed with this book It just seemed too much like Supernatural fan fiction mixed with an Indiana Jones episode or two Honestly if you re interested in the TV show Supernatural, I d recommend that you just watch the show and skip this series.I liked Lilly but Colt Jackson felt flat and one dimensional I don t think there was enough set up in this book The reader doesn t know WHY all supernatural beings are bad and need to be sent back to hell so IMHO a big part of the plot is missing I actually looked twice to see if this book really was the first in the series as it seemed to me that it started in the middle and the beginning just never caught up I won t be continuing the series. 4.5 This is a great adventure which starts even before Colt summons Lilly As the youngest child, his father tried to spare him the life of the Hunter, but a demon tried to kill him and they all realized he had to be on it From the moment he summons Lilly, neither will catch a break till almost the end of the book It is a fast paced story with very little sex that was managed perfectly They are a great team and I am not talking about romance She is resourceful, smart and she realized right away that he is her best bet to become human again The chemistry between these two is nicely done and the constant interruptions didn t annoy me at all since they moved the story forward And there are a lot of those Every time they get close to each other, something happens to stop them Still, every single thing that does that makes this story a great adventure so you don t even notice they didn t get The only thing that gets sorted out in this book is their romance I don t think it is a spoiler to say they end up together this for people who like to know if there is a happy ending The rest of the story is in his brother s books. Una sucubo que se comporta de la manera m s pudorosa, y la poca qu mica que me han transmitido los protas le restan inter s a unas cuantas aventuras tipo Indiana Jones bastante conseguidas. Ok, so this book is a Western Cowboy mixed with Supernatural the TV Show plus a pinch of Steampunk You will either enjoy the cheesiness of it or consider it fanfiction of the show I chose to enjoy it Some of it was a little cringeworthy, especially Colt s thoughts on the Succubus Lilly But overall it was a decent read I will likely continue the series at some point. With his brothers Winchester and Remington out of the family demon hunting business, Colt s job just keeps on getting busier, until he finally decides that it is time to track down the legendary book on Hunter lore which holds the key to locking the gate to the demon realm once and for all The only catch is that the book is in three pieces, and that it takes a demon to get to the piece of the book that Colt s father hid away So first step Summon a demon But when he does, Colt ends up not with a horned and hooved abomination, but a devastatingly beautiful succubus named Lilly instead Colt strikes a bargain for Lilly s help and seals the deal with a kiss, but working with the enticing Lilly is complicated and that s even without taking into account that Colt doesn t know that Lilly has her own agenda and time will tell whether Lilly decides to take a chance that Colt can help her regain her lost humanity or whether she fulfills her mission and takes the piece of the book and Colt s soul too back to her master in hell The Hunter, Theresa Meyers The Legend Chronicles series starter, is promising mix steampunk, the Old West, paranormal, and romance I liked The Hunter, but I really wanted to love it Great inventions, airships and Colts mechanical horse, Tempus, work to give it that steampunk feel And early on there are flashes of what could have kicked the story up that notch to I love it in some action sequences where Lilly and Colt are working together and fighting their way at the edge of hell to Colt s target, and in Colt s interactions with one of his Brothers, I would have liked to have seen just a bit of that dynamic too My nits with the story were that in the first half Colt and Lilly feel thin characterwise which is wierd and I can t put my finger on exactly why I felt that way, since there is a decent amount of backstory for the pair It might be that there was a bit of telling versus showing , like where Colt tells us he s a charming ladies man I also had a nit with Lilly I may have missed something but Lilly, as a succubus who had been good at her job of stealing men s souls and who was a con artist in her human days felt inconsistent to me Lilly starts out being fairly saucy and capable and she has demon powers that she uses in the beginning of the story, but then for some reason she becomes very vulnerable, concerned about being demure, and damsel in distress y as the story goes on If this had felt that this was intentional perhaps a ploy to get Colt feeling protective in order to win his trust and then changed once she decided that she was falling for Colt I d have been happier But I have to say that the story did pick up in the last third with some Indiana Jones type action, and also I starting feeling Colt and Lilly, and their relationship finally seemed to gel So with that and the decent presence of steampunk elements, I did end up liking The Hunter, and I think that most of my nits might have been due to typical first book in a series kinks, so I still have high hopes for both of the brothers books and we ve already met the women a vampire and a shapeshifter that are going to help them on the quests for the other two pieces of the book Winchester s The Slayer is up next in April 2012, with Remington s The Chosen out in December 2012. Colt Jackson hunts the supernatural In Colts world, all the supernatural beings are bad and should go back to hell where they belong Colt s friend Marley makes him some weapons to help accomplish that Colt is on a mission to find the pieces of a special book that will help stop the supernaturals from entering their world The first part of the book he is looking for is behind a door that only a supernatural being can open Colt does what he has to do and summons a demon The demon that comes to him ends up being a beautiful succubus named Lilly who has an agenda of her own Will they be able to work together to accomplish Colt s quest My thoughts I didn t end up finishing this book I read almost half though, so I did give it a fair chance Why didn t I like it I was bored and couldn t get into the story at all There was also no feeling to the words that were written This story had definite potential it could be a good story unfortunately, it doesn t have the pull of one It doesn t suck you in and make you want Instead, I found myself avoiding it, or only reading a few pages at a time For example, there are some action scenes where Lilly and Colt have to fight other demons in a cave in search of the book This should be scary, but honestly, I could not have cared less There isn t really anything else to say about The Hunter, and I think the fact that there isn t much to say, says it all.