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Breathtaking Title Kismet Beyond the Bedroom Book 1 Author Raynesha PittmanRate 5 Reviewed by Sandra Review Kismet Beyond the Bedroom Book 1 is a good read This is my first time reading from Mrs Pittman She did a good job I ll definitely continue to reading her work It s well written and well character Like Savannah James is successful and business woman She has a family or friends be there for her Dre is a good and loyal man to her.Dislike Savannah James plays too much childish games Keisha, Christina and Melinda are dumb, jealous and crazy women Emotional I m having a emotional breakdown because what s happen to Big Ant Ms James needs to let it go her past Recommend You haven t read this book This book is amazing and it s page turner This book keeps my eyes open Hopefully, Ms James needs to grow up, and learn how to take care of her daughter I can t wait to read part 2 of Kismet. I really and truely enjoyed this oneIt was very interesting, exciting, and on the basis of real life It kept me on my toes with suspense as to what was gonna happen next and the next thing I knew I had finished the entire book. [Read] ♋ Kismet ☨ Kis Met Noun, Often Capitalized Kiz Met, M T A Predetermined Or Unavoidable Destiny It Is Not Identical To Karma, With Karma You Get Back What Dish You Out Fate Is Not That Friendly Savannah James, A Successful, Revenge Seeking Entrepreneur Who Hasn T Forgotten The Feeling Of Growing Into Adulthood Poor Or All The Drama And Hurt That Came Along With It Plans The Perfect Plot To Avenge Her Past That Is Fueled On The What Goes Around, Comes Around Theory Also Known As Karma What Happens When You Take Karma Into Your Own Hands And Seek Revenge By Methods Of SEX, LIES, DECEPTION And SEDUCTION Fate Steps In, Knocks You Off Your High Horse While Your Feet Rest Comfortably In The Stirrups Of Satisfaction And Drags You Back To The Reality That You Are Not In Control Kismet The First Book Of The Beyond The Bedroom Series, A Collection Of Dramrotica Drama Erotica Will Leave It S Readers Fantasizing About Sexual Possibilities, Exploring And Rediscovering Personal Pleasures, Reconsidering Seeking Revenge And Leaving It In The Hands Of Fate New Authoress Raynesha Pittman Has Penned A Clear And Sexy Definition Between Karma And Kismet And Will Leave You Wanting For Details About The Book Please Read The Author S Blog Titled What Makes Kismet One Of A Kind I am not giving this book any stars I won this book so I felt that I had to read it and because I m addicted to reading and I have to finish books once I start them I had a hard time imagining that this woman got where she was in her company with her extracurricular activities, and the way she spoke I wouldn t even rate this book for the sex since that s what it was all about because it was very tasteless, and poorly worded. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I would recommend it to all who ask for a good read. New Author on the scene Raynesha hot tale took me on a ride of mixed emotions I love the story and can t wait to read. SPECTACULAR READ X Factor For Savannah James the world is her oyster A college educated woman, she s handsomely paid and lives her life doing what makes Savannah happy at all times When the chance to go back to California arises, Savannah is pleased that she finally gets to go back home and show everybody that clowned her who and what she has become No longer Na Na, that tomboy with the jumper, Savannah has her mind set on revenge When she starts doling out the punishment, there may be blowback Is she ready to deal with the consequences of her actions KISMET by Raynesha Pittman is just okay The story offers revenge, drama and secrets, but it also deals with very serious issues that I think the author should ve used care with The author spent so much time on the revenge aspect of the story, that character development, formatting and editing obviously fell to the wayside While KISMET has the appeal to hold your attention, the book is in terrible condition There are missing punctuation and words, misspellings, wrong tense and incorrect word usage Any reader that failed to mention the many grievances in this book is not doing this author any favors In its current state, I cannot recommend Reviewed by Crystal2.5 stars Growing up hooping on the court Savannah James exchanges the ball to work in a corporate office and she s moving up fast Savannah holds no no punches and always seem to get what she wanted being from a man or a woman She s a woman that s in control of her destiny or so she thought until she meets Dre Andre Burns after a week of raw sex unexpected things and Savannah is back jumping into different men beds, She feels no shame or pitty for the next person no matter who she hurts I read teasers this book is jaw dropping slap your mama good Despite the editing issues I was still able read through it like they weren t there I can t wait for part II Big Ups to Raynesha for a job well done.ChaBella DonAAMBC Reviewer Kismet was my first read by Author Raynesha Pittman It is the story of Savannah, or Na Na as some know her as Haunted by the memories of those who ve wronged her in the past, she vows revenge Along the way, she meets the ever so charming, Dre, and things unexpectedly begin to heat up Kismet was a great read I ve had this book on my kindle for quite some time but overlooked it My mouth was literally open as I read this book Revenge, drama, lies,and sex all wrapped into one Can t wait to read part 2 There were a few errors but not enough to take away from the book or storyline.