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Templeton writes such real characters These could be your best friends or neighbors I found myself becoming emotionally invested in these two right away, though I d saywith Noah than Roxie I think because Roxie s issues were things that happened in the past that she needed to overcome Noah s issues were ongoing, which put themcenter stage I was seriously bothered by the attitude his father had regarding him and his personal life The idea that a man has to be married to be a good, upstanding guy really rankled The attitude of the rest of the family hell, the rest of the town that Noah wasn t to be trusted because he dated a lot was pretty ridiculous Aside from that, I really enjoyed the way the relationship developed between Noah and Roxie They started out as acquaintances, then friends, then.. Recently someone I think it was Jane from Dear Author said they missed the courtship in romance I think Templeton does a good job of showing us how a romance develops This isn t a perfect novel, but the flaws are overshadowed by a slow, simmering love story. [[ E-pub ]] ⇲ Husband Under Construction ☝ When Her Life Went Topsy Turvy, Roxie Ducharme Sought Temporary Refuge In The Small New Mexico Town She D Left Years Before But As She Plunged Into Renovating Her Uncle S Home As An Antidote To Heartbreak, She Faced An Unforeseen Obstacle Contractor Noah Garrett Still As Alluring And Unattainable As He D Been Years BeforeNoah S Love Em And Leave Em Exterior Belied A Hardworking, Responsible Man One Who Made Every Inch Of Roxie S Skin Prickle With Desire And To Noah S Surprise, Roxie Haunted His Every Waking Moment But Noah Had No Desire For The White Picket Fence, The House, The Kids Of Roxie S Dreams Could He Come To Terms With Happily Ever After Before Roxie Left His Life Forever Roxie is a woman that has faced a lot of loss in her life and isn t in any hurry to open herself up to that kind of pain again Noah is a man that isn t interested in settling down and having a family He loves his parents, siblings and nephews, but doesn t plan on monign in that same direction of marital bliss as his brothers.Noah is hired to re do Roxie s uncles house, and to cut costs, many of them put in extra time, no onethan Noah and Roxie Thrown together, they can t help be become friends, even with the preconcieved notions Roxie has of Noah.This is a light hearted and quick read Husband Under Construction is a good read, with just enough tension to make it believable I was pleased to see Noah and Roxie truly become friends and neither of them having the alterior motive of getting something from the other, even though they were both attracted to each other.Good story, would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a sweet love story I love the Garrett brothers, each one brings his own talents and personality to the Garrett family business Neither Roxie or Noah are looking for a relationship, but as they work together to restore her uncle s house, and observe others relationships, they begin to change their minds. A lovely story of attraction that leads to friendship, then to love At first, the characters appear to want very different things in life But when they look deeper, they realize their dreams are not all that different And, as always, love finds a way. It was interesting and full of fun to read this kind of romance novel and I m looking for another joyful romance novel to read. O Miniseries Wed in the West Slow beginning and at end but some really great in between