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How devoted I was to these teachings in my youth And how they then de personalised and de humanised me But Meditations on the Tarot saved my soul (((KINDLE))) ⇧ Esoteric Psychology 1: A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. 1 ↿ The First Two Volumes Of A Treatise On The Seven Rays Go Into The Psychological Make Up Of A Human Being As The Life, Quality And Appearance Of An Incarnating, Evolving Spiritual Entity They Also Relate The Circumstance Of A Human Psychology To World Conditions And To Future Possibilities One of my all time favorites, but JJ Dewey explains some of the concepts in easier terms. Blame it on the RaysA fascinating and interesting read I have a problem with the concept of a complicated hierarchy of rays that are the responsible agents of development of the universe and its environs and inhabitants including mineral, vegetable, animal, and human I think it would be enough to attribute creation to an unknown intelligent agent. Love it Easy read and good intro to the psychology of rays Gives an understanding of the overall operation of the 7 rays Each volume is worth reading this is truly ageless wisdom.