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Child Molestation Stories Voices of Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse is a primer for those who lack basic understanding about child sexual abuse and the ability to empathize with the abused For this purpose, I feel like it s a great resource and would be a wonderful read for those that lack this foundational knowledge For those that already have that knowledge, they are going to require in depth reading This is a very, very short ebook It is not an encompassing understanding of the subject of child abuse It is a very basic book written in layman s terms to explain basic concepts about child sexual abuse to someone who may be in a state that doesn t allow them to delve deeper into the material With that said, my main criticism is that the book is way too short It allows for material that triggers people but doesn t guide them forward other than instructing them to find a counselor For me, that is a worrisome construct because they have to be able to calm down enough to hit that step I guess it s a precarious balance in that I worry that the people getting the book will not be self aware enough to take that step and understand that they are triggered Perhaps I am not giving them enough credit Hence, I m going to give this a neutral review and say that the book, on its own merits, is excellent material but if you buy it, please be aware of your own boundaries and take the author s advice to seek help immediately if you feel uncomfortable with your responses to the material. Book Title Child Molestation Stories Voices of SurvivorsAuthor Lynn DaughertyPublished By Genre Non FictionRecommended Age 14Reviewed By Emily Tuley AngelsCryHavocBlog Reviewed For Great Minds Think Aloud Literary CommunityRating 5 RavensIt s horrible to think that bad things happen to children everyday Some of us may even want to close ourselves off and not listen to people Ignore the signs and the problems that may be right in front of our faces Tell ourselves no this couldn t happen, He She wouldn t do that to a child The harsh reality is that they would and could or worse have These are the stories of children who have suffered these fates Be it from family , friends or fellow children it s the glimpse into these unfortunate times and how these people have learned to cope with what happened and moved on A wonderful collection of accounts and the out comes even the way that some of the children no adults have come to cope with the fate that had befallen them and get a better grasp on themselves It s not a easy thing to hear especially if you are someone like me but now I know that I would not keep my mouth shut or allow such things to go on if I have seen them or at least offer help where help might be needed for a child that is crying out for one Take a read and see for yourself. I recently received this ebook from the authour and I put it at the top of my current reading books I know people who have dealt with issues such as these and I m glad Lynn Daugherty wrote a book with these concerning events I believe people need to be informed and aware of the events of child abuse and I recommend this book to all I enjoyed that the stories came straight from the victims themselves I understand that some people believe that it should have been intense and that the stories should have given details, but understand that these people were victims, not storytellers They are recounting events that they never wanted to happen and they are doing all that is in them to forget these horrid events that were bestowed upon them I though this was well told and I felt sorry for these innocent children that were gravely affect by these disturbing encounters The children in all stories felt dirty and guilty and I feel that these children should know that they are victims That means none of this deserved to happen to any of them Although some people were angered when the children came forward, just know that the victimised children aren t at fault I pray that children are no longer victimised and that those who have been, find the strength to come forward and get help If you re in doubt or are look for advice, read this book Lynn Daugherty gives you the strength you need to seek help and overcome this disgusting act that some people find tasteful I hope those who do read it, find it as helpful as I did. When I saw this book on the LibraryThing giveaway, I thought, hmm this looks interesting And well, I need non fiction But this short book, consisting mostly of real life accounts of victims of sexual abuse, makes a very big impact While I m not the intended audience of the book, as it s a book aimed at the sexually abused, it reminded me of not gossiping More than one account mentioned how they didn t want people to know, and how they felt that people were talking behind their back I think, if I ever find out that someone I know undergoes something so terrible, I should remember not to gossip, but rather, support them The book is divided into three sections stories from victims of child sexual abuse, questions and answers about child sexual abuse amd choosing a professional counselor To me, the most interesting sections were the first two, and I glossed over the last section This book is taken from a longer work, but is standalone I think that we should be aware of such things, even though I myself would rather not know about such realities But since it exists, we cannot be ostriches I suggest that if you do not want to read a long work about sexual abuse, you should at least read this book.Disclaimer I got this book free from the LibraryThing giveaway in exchange for my free and honest review First published at This book is full of the first hand accounts of sexual abuse survivors of all ages, both male and female We like to believe it doesn t happen but we all know it does The accounts are unbelievable but true It is incredibly hard to read but well worth it, especially for other survivors so they know that they are not alone The author also does a wonderful job of describing the emotional reaction that is often exerienced in association with the event s later in life, sometimes without the victim even understanding why the reaction occurs They may have an adverse reaction to a certain smell or touch Also included is an explanation of the different ways the abused person copes, always making sure it is understood that nothing is the victim s fault whether they report the abuse or not The main point that comes across loud and clear is that children of sexual abuse can go on to have normal productive and happy lives. Dr Lynn Daugherty works with survivors of child molestation, rape, and incest She shared their stories to let other victims know they are not alone in Why Me Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Even if they are adults now In the extract Voices of Survivors 10,000 words about 40 pages if it were a paperback , some of the stories of abuse in the hospital, walking home, in a rest room, at the beach, in my bed, by our neighbor, a family friend, my mother s boyfriend, my brother, my stepmother, my daddy are told Male and female, young children, still young when they tell their story, or grown up and coming out with their memories as adult The booklet includes answers to basic questions about child sexual abuse, guidance in selecting a professional counselor, and additional resources to help former victims and their families begin their journey to recovery, both online and offline I got this book though Librarything s Member Giveaway The truth on child molestation needs to be told, and the people who commit these crimes be stopped or caught Unfortunately we all can read about child molestation in our newspapers, every single day. The short ebook of Lynn Daughtery s Child Molestation Stories Voices of Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse contains exerts from her book Why Me Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Even if they are adults now I liked the insight provided of why people sexually abuse children, such as their inability to relate to peers, feeling of insecurity, and inadequacy The tips on finding a counselor is a great resource to survivors seeking counseling. I did not like this book I did not like the way the book was written and put together I am open to reading about peoples person experiences, but believe this book does not actually hit the horror each victim has lived. {KINDLE} ä Child Molestation Stories Ç Learn About Child Sexual Abuse As Male And Female Survivors Share Their Stories Of Molestation, Rape, And Incest So Other Victims Will Know That They Are Not Alone These Selections , Words About Pages If It Were A Paperback From Dr Lynn Daugherty S Award Winning Bestseller, Why Me Help For Victims Of Child Sexual Abuse Even If They Are Adults Now Also Include Answers To Basic Questions About Child Sexual Abuse, Guidance In Selecting A Professional Counselor, And Additional Resources To Help Former Victims And Their Families Begin Their Journey To Recovery Though a very difficult subject to read about, this book went into great deal to explain exactly what child abuse is The stories of the children were especially touching, even though I am not a parent yet The author went the extra mile to include several additional resources for the reader.