DOWNLOAD ⚖ In The Line of Duty (Alysha Forrest, #2.5) ♀

DOWNLOAD ☪ In The Line of Duty (Alysha Forrest, #2.5) ♫ When The UAV Scattersky Answers A Distress Call, Their Captain Is Expecting A Routine Rescue Operation And Dispatches His First Commander, Alysha Forrest, To Manage The Transfer Of Personnel But Naturally, Things Are Never As Easy As They Seem On The Surface More evidence that Alysha is headed for martyrdomIn this book Alysha flagrantly disobeys direct orders from her commanding officer, with no signs that she can actually accomplish anything good by doing so, and yet she once again pulls it off This seems bound to provide her with even evidence that she can risk herself egregiously and always get away with it Why is the author allowing having her to do this to herself so irresponsibly Short and straightforward, this is an entertaining SF story that has roots in classic SF I ve been reading old Andre Norton SF on Project Gutenberg, so that s what springs to mind , done with bioengineered nonhuman races We are the aliens, and as this story shows we are still what makes us human If I said any , I d be getting into spoilers I look forward to short stories and possibly novellas in this setting.