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After a while, this anthology was repetitive What happened was it was a terribly repetitive anthology, with two minor exceptions Girl meets steampunked boy, bangs steampunk boy There were only 2 pieces that I truly enjoyed,and they were at the very end The authors took care to make them different one was a woman of colour and a threesome, and the other was a really unique twist on the genre I don t know if I d recommend it for everyone. Steamlust Steampunk Erotic Romance Cleis Press, 2011 is the third anthology of short erotica edited by Kristina Wright that I ve had the pleasure to read I very much enjoyed Fairy Tale Lust Erotic Fantasies for Women and Dream Lover Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance, so I eagerly anticipated Wright s latest anthology On the other hand, I was slightly disappointed by Cleis Press other steampunk title this year,Carnal Machines Steampunk Erotica, edited by D.L King I liked a few of the stories in that anthology, but others just weren t interesting enough I believe the key to good steampunk is the same as the key to good erotic romance the beauty is all in the details Fortunately, Wright s editing instincts do not fail her, and Steamlust is full of glorious details It s the clockwork lovebirds in Sylvia Day s Iron Hard In Vida Bailey s time travel adventure Undergrounded Hannah Hawthorne and the Stranded Time Ship, it s the giant copper bathtub with its jets and nozzles It s Pete s melted chocolate eyes in Green Cheese by Lisabet Sarai and the contents of the secret room in Andrea Dale s spiritualist tale Lost Souls My personal favorite of the collection was Sparks by Anna Meadows It imagines a Victorian version of Prohibition and a young smuggler who makes illicit intoxicating spirits from delicate flower petals She s reunited with her lost love, Ezra, possibly the anthology s most drool worthy male The scent of violets and roses mixed with the soft spice of ashes and cloves Cambric and ash it identified him as well as a fingerprint Even Ezra s perpetually dirty fingernails and calloused hands are endearing in this sensual tale But then there s Ezra s violet lightning, a very neat little trickI don t think anyone will be disappointed by Steamlust It s all that it claims to be There are plenty of spinning gears, mechanical limbs, automatons, airships and parasols to delight the steampunk fan There are erotic twosomes and threesomes steamy enough to satisfy the erotica reader On a sidenote, Anna Meadows and I both wrote stories published in the Cleis Press anthology Best Lesbian Romance 2010 Hers is called Coming Out Party, and mine is called Soaked Andrea Dale and Sacchi Green also have stories in both anthologies I have to admit, I ve never read the entire anthology, but I think I will soon. [E-pub] ♠ Steamlust ♵ Steamlust Is Romantic Erotica That Reflects The Excitement, Fantasy And Rebellion Of Steampunk Not Sure What Steampunk Is Think Victorian Elegance And Aesthetics Meets Futuristic Invention And Exploration The Genre Of Steampunk Itself Has Transcended The Victorian Or Edwardian Eras In Kristina Wright S Inventive Anthology, It Can Be Any Time Period, Real Or Imagined, That Blends Elements Of Science, History, Fantasy And Technology Until Steamlust, The Genre Had Been Missing Romantic Relationships And Erotic Encounters Steampunk Erotic Romance Is Shiny Brass And Crushed Velvet Mechanical Inventions And Romantic Conventions Sexual Fantasy And Kinky Fetish It S Steam Powered Sexy Romance Editrix Extraordinaire Kristina Wright Creates A Lush And Fantastical World Of Women Centered Stories And Romantic Scenarios, First For Steampunk Fiction Fetishizing The Wardrobe, Language, Fantasy And Rituals Of Steampunk, Steamlust Includes Alternate Histories, Second Worlds, Time Travel And Contemporary Settings A cracking collection of steampunk tales, where buttoned up Victoriana gets a modern, erotic twist If your dream men are military captains, light fingered thieves or absent minded inventors, you re not going to be disappointed by the heroes on display, while the heroines are feisty yet vulnerable, fighting against the constrictions of the time that seek to place them in narrow, traditionally feminine roles In Green Cheese, Lisabet Sarai imagines a world where the British and French are fighting for dominance over the moon and a diplomat s daughter finds romance with a businessman s son in an alternative version of Bangkok Sacchi Green s Fog, Flight and Moonlight has a cross dressing heroine and a breathtaking dirigible flight in the fog of San Francisco Bay, but the stand out story is Christine d Abo s beautiful tale of love, valour and sacrifice, The Undeciphered Heart If you ve never read any steampunk, this is a perfect introduction. Rating 4.5 Steamlust is a compilation of Steampunk centered erotic stories Steampunk is a cross between science fiction and fantasy that isthan just mechanical inventions It also encompasses a view of the 19th century that is imagined and articulated in unexpected and delightful ways Steamlust offers a variety of tales to capture a readers imagination There are swashbuckling exploits among the clouds with fantastical airships deeds of sacrifice and courage where life and limbs are forever altered and mechanical automatons some human in appearance while another s massive bulk traverses the land on spindly legs like the insects that inspired its creation I m in awe of the detail the authors within this anthology written into their stories and the characters they ve imagined There are rebels, thieves, captains of the sky, the prerequisite inventor or two and wonderfully, gutsy, heroines with the brains and courage to match any man All of the stories in this anthology are good, but for me, the best stories among them are those which intricately weave the mechanisms of steampunk with the romance and sexual expression of the characters The cogs, gears and steam of the mechanical invention are not simply back drop to the story, but an integral part of the tale, whether it be a man s mechanical fingers caressing and probing the body of his lover or the fascination and awe of a strong willed maid at the sight of a manly torso forged of metal and gears as well as blood, skin, and sinew Iron Hard by Sylvia Day, The Heart of Daedalus by Saachi Green, Sparks by Anna Meadows and Make Your Own Miracles by Nikki Magennis still resonant with me days after I ve read them For a wonderful blend of eroticism, passion and sheer poignancy, I recommend The Undeciphered Heart by Christine D Abo It is heartrending tale on the one hand, but a triumph of storytelling that was exquisite There is something for everyone to enjoy in Steamlust and I highly recommend it. Anthology 3.28 average which I am surprised by because I felt I had quite a few I didn t care for There were some gems though.1 Iron Hard by Sylvia Day A pirate esque man with mechanical body parts meets an inventor that he s been dreaming about Instant attraction Good story 3 1 2 stars.2 Heart of Daedalus by Saskia Walker Lovers reunited and now it s a power struggle A little too short because I think it would have been slightly better with at least 10 orpages 3 stars 3 Fog, Flight and Moonlight by Sacchi Green I m not a big fan of the dag nab it kind of gal and except for these conversations that took place before the story, I do not see the attraction between the two I probably would have understood it better if it were longer 2 stars 4 The Undeciphered Heart by Christine D Abo Story about lovers who sacrifice their lives for each and finally are able to be together Good story 3 1 2 stars 5 Mr Hartley s Infernal Device by Charlotte Stein Dreams come true, at least I hope they do Very good story 4 stars.6 A Demonstration of Affection by Elizabeth Coldwell Now this story I would love to find out what happens next A professor and his student find out they re both attracted to each other and when you throw in a robot, that s just the cherry 5 stars 7 Undergrounded Hannah Hawthorne and the Stranded Time Ship by Vida Bailey A bunch of time traveling thieves are stranded for awhile There s some conflict that seemed a little contrived to me but the story was good 3 stars.8 Sparks by Anna Meadows A spark of romance or love I m not sure what is real 3 stars.9 Green Cheese by Lisabet Sarai A chance meeting leads to romance and maybe an end to a war Good story 3 1 2 stars.10 Lost Souls by Andrea Dale Well, I don t know what I feel about this story A little strange I m not sure I even liked it 2 stars.11 Golden Moment by Lynn Townsend A woman who leaves nothing to chance, gives herself to a man without knowing the outcome Very short but good story 3 1 2 stars 12 Liberated by Mary Borsellino A liberated automaton and a pilot find some joy together Good story, which it were longer 4 stars.13 Make Your Own Miracles by Nikki Magennis A rich woman gives up everything for love 3 stars.14 Rescue My Heart by Anya Richards A ruler of a floating city falls in love with 2 people and may have to let them both go 3 stars. Erotic short steampunk romances, so a quick setup and then straight to the steamy stuff of the human variety can t give the quote it s proper acknowledgement but it was the blurb to a samhain steampunk romance I read somewhere along the way Iron Hard Sylvia DayHeart of the Daedalus Saskia WalkerFog, Flight and Moonlight Sacchi Green The Undeciphered Heart Christine d AboMr Hartley s Device Charlotte SteinA Demonstration of Affection Elizabeth ColdwellUndergrounded Hannah Hawthorne and the Stranded Time Ship Vida BaileySparks Ann MeadowsLost Souls Andrea DaleGreen Cheese Lisabet SaraiGolden Moment Lynn TownsendLiberated Mary BorsellinoMake Your Own Miracles Nikki MagennisRescue My Heart Anya Richards Full disclosure, I have a story in this anthology I was thrilled when I found out my little musing had been accepted into Kristina Wright s Steamlust anthology I was evenso when I found out who some of the other authors were Ms Wright has pulled together some amazing stories, each one that illuminates a different aspect of what good steampunk means to me Now, I can t in all fairness comment on the individual stories, but I have to say as a reader, I loved this collection I saved it as long as I could, only reading one tale a night It was thoroughly entertaining and I plan on revisiting these stories again. Simply put, Steamlust is one of the most gorgeous anthologies I ve encountered From the first page, I was dazzled, mesmerized, and relegated to a state of breathless arousal by story after story in this extraordinary, exquisite collection Since I m not very familiar with steampunk, I m not sure what expectations I had of this anthology, but any notion of them seemed exceeded such as to render them obsolete by the end of the first story a story, incidentally, that was one of my very favorites and which set the bar for the remainder of the collection exceptionally high.Astonishingly and delightfully it met it Each story greeted me with evocative and brilliantly clever renderings of inventive ideas and mechanisms, solidly imbued with the spirit and imagination around which I have the impression steampunk is centered I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the additions of the steampunk elements of time, inventiveness, machinery, etc., amidst the blazing hot and beautifully rendered romantic encounters this book offers It s made me think that perhaps this is a genre of which I should seek out , and I offer sincere thanks to the editor and authors for providing such a luscious, scorching, spellbinding introduction to it.For anyone with any appreciation for erotic romance and or any inkling of interest in or curiosity about steampunk, mechanical engineering, fantasy, or even historical settings, I recommend this collection without reservation and with utmost enthusiasm and I hope with all sincerity that every reader enjoys it as much as I did. I found this book on the Steampunk Bookshelf on this site and I must admit I am not well versed in reading the genre of erotica, so I found myself smirking at all of the different terms used for various body parts throughout the text Highlights include her cunny I kid you not Some of the stories were better than others, but overall it was certainly an interesting collection of erotic short stories set in a steampunk era What I think is notable is that it is written by all female authors and from female character s perspectives The downside of this was that it was a bit stereotypical of women sexually and it felt a bit limiting within traditional gender roles For instance, many stories ended with the male character requesting the protagonist s hand in marriage, or committing to be with her until the end It makes it appear that the women only slept with the men due to this promise, as opposed to some women just wanted to get their rocks off for one night Further, I think because of the authors trying to stick within a realistic Victorian era, many of the female protagonists are well, now were virgins So these mind blowing sexual encounters were also their first encounters Well isn t that niceand unrealistic It seems that aexperienced and confident woman would beapt for such rendevous and could garnercontrol of the situations, but that s the feminist perspective I personally would seek, not what the authors wanted to convey per se Finally, there was also a bit too much of a pattern of the female protagonists saying no to these encounters and the male characters talking them into it Again, I feel this feeds into a non feminist perspective, the notion that it isn t acceptable for women to have sexual wants, and instead they have to be coerced It also rings a tad of somethingsinister, although in these stories the characters all do give consent, depite earlier protests Yes, there were some strong female characters that bucked stereotypes as well, but it seemedlimited to their careers scientists, engineers, pilots yay and not when it came to the bedroom Perhaps this is why I don t read erotica I just can t ignore the set up, plot and details LOL But I say this book is still worth a go if you like steampunk I would be interested also to hear from straight male readers and what their take was on this collection.