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WARNNG Self harm, rape threats. I know better than to start a Tami Hoag book when I want to accomplish anything else because once I started this one, I didn t want to put it down I couldn t turn the pages fast enough It was so nice to revisit characters from her former novels like Vince and Anne Leone and Mendez What Tami does best is incorporate emotion into her stories Probably a gift from her years as a bestselling romance author Even when she s writing police procedure, it s never JUST procedure You feel every emotion the characters are feeling This was a harrowing story in that Lauren s rage and grief as a mom whose teenage daughter disappeared without a trace is so real You get frustrated by her apparent willingness to sacrifice her younger daughter Leah s happiness while seeking the truth, yet you also entirely identify with her and that s the sign of a skilled storyteller I couldn t turn the pages fast enough and the action packed conclusion was definitely worth the wait Tami Hoag s gift is similar to Stephen King in that she can take you down the darkest roads of the human psyche but ultimately lead you back to a place where hope is still out there on the horizon If you love suspense, I highly recommend this novel @FREE EBOOK º Down The Darkest Road ë Once Upon A Time I Had The Perfect Family I Had The Perfect Husband I Had The Perfect Children I Had The Perfect Life In The Perfect Home And Then, As In All Fairy Tales, Evil Came Into Our Lives And Destroyed UsFour Years After The Unsolved Disappearance Of Her Sixteen Year Old Daughter, Lauren Lawton Is The Only One Still Chasing The Ghosts Of Her Perfect Santa Barbara Life The World Has Given Her Daughter Up For Dead Her Husband Ended His Own Life In The Aftermath Even Lauren S Younger Daughter Is Desperate To Find What S Left Of The Childhood She Hasn T Been Allowed To HaveLauren Knows Exactly Who Took Her Oldest Child, But There Is Not A Shred Of Evidence Against The Man Even As He Stalks Her Family, Lauren Is Powerless To Stop Him The Santa Barbara Police Are Handcuffed By The Very Laws They Are Sworn To Uphold Looking For A Fresh Start In A Town With No Memories, Lauren And Her Younger Daughter, Leah, Move To Idyllic Oak Knoll But When Lauren S Suspect Turns Up In The Same City, It Feels To All The World That History Is About To Repeat Itself Leah Lawton Will Soon Turn Sixteen, And Oak Knoll Has A Cunning Predator On The HuntSheriff S Detective Tony Mendez And His Team Begin To Close In On The Suspected Killer, Desperate To Keep The Young Women Of Their Picturesque Town Safe But As The Investigators Sift Through The Murky Circumstances Of An Increasingly Disturbing Case, A Stunning Question Changes Everything They Thought They Knew In Down The Darkest Road, New York Times Bestseller Tami Hoag Proves Again Why She Is One Of The World S Most Beloved Storytellers Please note that I gave this book 3.5 stars However, I rounded it up to 4 stars on Goodreads Down the Darkest Road is not my favorite Tami Hoag book and I think the reason why is that because I read the series out of order I hate doing that In my defense though I bought this at the bookstore and asked a sales associate if this was the first book in the series because the books are not identified in any way as number 1, 2, or 3 So this is my roundabout way of saying that Barnes and Noble, you are kind of sucking lately.Even without the book not being read in order though I had a hard time getting into this one We had so many points of views in this book and I wish that we had just stuck with the mother and detective in this one Instead we throw in the possible serial rapist killer along with the mother s daughter and I was tired halfway through Especially because the serial rapist killer s points of view were just full of awfulness and generally made me want to shower and check on the locks on my doors Down the Darkest Road is number three in the Oak Knoll series Apparently murderers and serial killers love the place Serious question though, who the heck keeps living there when it seems like ugly things people keep settling down there Same question I always had about people that kept right on living in Sunnydale Told in the third person, Down the Darkest Road follows Lauren Lawton and her teenage daughter Leah move to Oak Knoll after dealing with two crippling blows First, the abduction and probable murder of Lauren s older daughter Leslie Two years later, Lauren s husband Lance yes they all have L s it drove me crazy while reading dies and Lauren feels stuck Moving to Oak Knoll she hopes will give her and Leah a fresh start However, Lauren quickly realizes that the man she blames for her daughter s abduction has followed them and she decides she will do whatever it takes to take him down.So we get a little of Linda Hamilton in Terminator Judgement Day and also a heck of a lot of woman who sometimes seems to not have any type of common sense at all with the character of Lauren As a reader you feel sympathetic to her plight, but once you realize that you kind of had your eyes closed to what was going on with a reveal that just seemed to happen with no fanfare you kind of want to smack Lauren upside the head Or at least I did.Besides Lauren we also get Leah s perspective in this book and it s pretty apparent she is just as messed up as her mother is and just doesn t know what to do She has pretty much taken to being the mother in the relationship Detective Mendez I really didn t get much of a handle on in this book besides him being old fashioned when it comes to not swearing in front of women and opening doors for them I know in this case it was because of the fact we already see the guy in books 1 and 2 I just needed a bit history included in this one about him.I thought the writing was typical Tami Hoag She always has a way of turning a phrase or just making you think that the woman has looked into the darkest scariest minds out there The POV from the serial rapist killer were just awful That said, the flow was all over the place There were too many POVs to track and I wish that we had just either followed Lauren or if we needed than one POV to just include Leah s perspective too They were the new characters and I wanted to read about them I can see including Martinez s perspective, but maybe cut it down even And yes I know I just complained that I didn t get much history from the guy in this book, but there are happy mediums The setting of Oak Knoll though it takes place in California really did read as either in the mid west or east coast to me I don t know why, it s just the book read as dark to me so having it take place in California really didn t work Or maybe it s because I just finished a Kovac Liksa book and my brain was set to Minnesota.The ending came out of nowhere and I may have coughed bullshit a few times when I got to it Because seriously There is a mention somewhere that can lead some readers to this ending, but you really have to be looking for it Other than that I was not really blown away by the book I think the gimmick of it taking place during I believe is 1990 to show how cases got solved prior to DNA testing and FBI profiling is a really cool idea But, other than that, I really don t see what makes this book different than other mystery novels that take prior to those things being in existence either I mean I read Sue Grafton novels and those books have all so far taken place in the 1980s. This is the third book in the Oak Knoll Series by Tami Hoag I have enjoyed all three books and having discovered them later was able to read all three books in a Tami Hoag binge reading week. DOWN THE DARKEST ROAD is Tami Hoag s third thriller in the Oak Knoll Series The novel is set in the late 1980s long before the internet, cell phones, DNA testing and other advances made it easier to catch criminals This book is by far the worst in the series While the characters were interesting, it felt like it never got out of the first act The first 350 pages seemed to be just a set up for the final 75 page finale Some might claim the suspense was psychological I m not claiming that wasn t well written or interesting, but there are only so many times you can read about the suffering of Lauren Lawton.Lauren has lots of reasons to suffer Her 16 year old daughter vanished and the suspected kidnapper murder Roland Ballencoa was never even arrested for the crime To make matters worse, Ballencoa had been harrassing Lauren through the years Lauren and surviving daughter Leah moved to Oak Knoll to escape the specter of her other daughter s disappearance she can t even stand the thought of thinking she is dead The jacket novel summary states that a stunning question changes everything they thought they knew I kept waiting for that stunning question For a twist to break the monotony of the plodding plot But nothing happens Instead we get regulars like Tony Mendex and Anne Leone trying to comfort Lauren while at the same time trying to find evidence that Ballencoa is anything than a major creep.Hoag has been one of my favorite authors for years, and I ll continue to read her books Others may have enjoyed the plotting of this novel I don t think Hoag made a mistake, she just chose to write a different type of novel that didn t really mesh with the jacket description. I absolutely loved this book even though it was completely heart wrenching It s been a while since I have read anything by Tami Hoag and I felt like slapping myself for it, needless to say that I shall get my backside into gear I ve now realised that there were two books prior to this one with the first being Deeper than the Dead and the second, Secrets to the Grave All I know is that I m thankful it can be read as a stand alone Vince Leone, an FBI agent and Tony Mendez, a detective who is one of the main characters in Down the Darkest Road , make appearances in all three.I know I won t be the only one who will read or has read this book, to think or even try to imagine what it must be like for parents to lose a child, in any manner This book affected me in ways than one although the premise was different with the end result being the same I personally haven t experienced the loss of a child and hope to God that I never do, but my neighbours have Having offered as much support as is humanly possible in a situation such as this, I have seen and experienced first hand how acts of pure unnecessary evil can and continues to leave a gaping hole and permanent scar within a family Some families, however much they try, aren t strong enough or don t have a support structure much as Lauren Lawton didn t have My neighbours, bless them, had a support structure and are still holding strong as strong as is God s will So, as I sit here with tears in my eyes, I can only but smile up at Ryan, letting him know he will never be forgotten for he hasn t really left, he is only but in the next room.Lauren Lawton s family is torn apart when her 16 year old daughter, Leslie, goes missing Not only do Lauren and Lance lose a daughter, but 12 year old Leah, loses a sister Lance, unable to bear the loss tragically ends his life by driving off a mountain As far as Lauren and Leah, separately, are concerned, he took the easy way out Although she will always love him, Lauren can never forgive him for this She knows who is responsible for Leslie s disappearance, but nothing could and still cannot be proven Technology as we know it today, was still unavailable in the 80 s She knows it s Roland Ballencoa, she s told the police it s him, but without proof he can t be charged He s good though, and has had years of practice He leaves nothing to chance making it that much difficult to pin anything, however minute on him Deciding that she and Leah need a change from Santa Barbara, they move to Oak Knoll, a town with a high college prescence, and stay at the girls godparents house At the supermarket one day Lauren thinks she sees Ballencoa could be her imagination, maybe she s just gone crazy or is exhausted beyond belief and rams her trolley into that of Tony Mendez Rushing out in order to see if it s really Ballencoa, with Tony Mendez in pursuit and unbeknowst to Lauren, she proceeds to drive dangerously Tony stops her, not really for the way she was driving, but for the fact that what he witnessed inside of the supermarket, peaked his curiosity After speaking with Lauren, he decides to learn about the case, and if predator of young girls has indeed moved into his town.Periodically throughout the story, Lauren is writing her own book relating to the events that led to the night in question including her feelings of helplessness and ignorance as a mother to Leah The parts that really got my hackels up in this story were those between Lauren and Leah Lauren gave birth to two daughters, not one Yes, Leslie is missing, has been missing for four years, but, Leah is still very much alive She needs her mother, now probably than ever She has suffered as much of a tragedy and true to teenage angst, drugs or self mutilation are ways to stop the pain, if only for a while Covering pain with pain is never a solution It s truly a story that has many facets which both left me sympathising with Lauren, or wanting to shake some sense in to her at the same time in regards to her Leah.A cast of interesting characters are mixed and varied in this story with one of my favourites being Danni Tanner She comes equipped with quite a foul mouth, yet despite this, she didn t come across as simply disgusting Sometimes, it s necessary The vibe I got throughout the book eludes to a love interest in a future book between Danni and Tony, although at the beginning I somehow thought it would be Lauren and Tony Tony Mendez is one of the good guys and it always shows.As for the perp, that he unfortunately got away with what he was doing for so many years is disgusting That a thing such as him had the gall to lay complaints against the police for harrassment and Lauren for stalking, had to be the most frustrating thing ever and although technology has evolved in leaps and bounds, its still very much evident in today s society that a lot of criminals can and do get away with most things whether due to insufficent evidence, or proper evidence gathering at crime scenes Innocent until proven guilty is all well and good, but what about those that are truly guilty, yet are free to roam, further committing heinous crime after heinous crime, until such time as they are proven guilty This said, it s a catch 22, caught between a rock and a hard place I would hate for an innocent person to be locked up as if they are guilty until such time as they are proven innocent Tough situation, one always open for debate and no, I am not inviting such a debate and it has happened, numerous times.A book worth my time, and yours. The third in the Oak Knoll series, I actually thought this was the best.Hoag has a talent for creating angst and tragic characters Nothing new here, but then again something doesn t have to be new or different to be entertaining.While occasionally cliche, I find her characters well developed and likeable Bottom line Solid mystery, heavy on the psychological suspense with just enough action to keep it moving. I m not gonna lie Since I got an eReader, I rarely grab books at the grocery store any My cart is pristine and guiltless except for the fact that I don t always buy organic And I buy a lot of booze I make my shameful purchases in the dark at two a.m and then record them here for the world to see So I feel badly about adding this to grocery store impulse purchase shelf EXCEPT that I saw this at Ralph s and knew to download it So it counts For the record NO SPINSTERS DIE NO SLUTTY GIRLS ARE MURDERED AND despite her track record, Oak Knoll s secret treasure, Anne Leone DOES NOT GET STABBED So whew, right Oh, Lifetime novels Instead, we get those hard boiled cops who call the perps bastards and psychos there s also the trope of there is no love grief anger rage like that of a MOTHER Once again, MOTHERHOOD is revered and MOTHERS are the only pure force in the world seeking justice for their CHILDREN Rest assured though, the evil doers are really EVIL, FRUIT OF THE DEVIL, EVIL and the attempt to suss them out and capture them dead or alive is quite suspenseful. I am usually a big fan of Tami Hoag and have been following her novels for years, but this one is absolutely awful, mainly due to the presence of the most self absorbed, navel contemplating, sniveling protagonist I have encountered in long timeLauren Lawson is so despicable that I had a hard time finishing this book I did not care in the least what happens to this poor excuse for an adult human being, and this totally colors my interest in the other characters Luckily the parts of the book in which she wallows in self pity are printed in italic typeface, so I could skip over them The book is otherwise hampered by a plot that is about adequate for a short story, elongated into than 400 pages This book is the antithesis of a good read So glad this was a library book.