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When the author asked for reader reviews on her blog in exchange for the Book I didn t hesitate, being a huge fan of the Harlequin Blaze line.Blaze promises red hot reads and this book certainly lives up to the Line s promise.Set during a 24 hour blackout, the story revolves around bodyguard Jonas Berringer and Soap shop owner Tessa Rose.Tessa is the daughter of one Senator Rose, an influential client of the Berringer s security firm, Jonas runs with his three brothers When the senator asks Jonas to look after Tessa as a personal favour due to some problems he is experiencing in his office, he is loath to get involved.He had previously been assigned to guard Tessa, when the Senator had received some threats, a security detail that ended badly, when the bad guy almost got to Tessa, costing Jonas his eyesight A momentary slip of his professional persona, when he finally gave in to the sexual attraction between them, was all it took, so he is not looking forward to going there again Especially as the Senator s aide made it perfectly clear that it would not be in his best business interests to pursue Tessa.Nonetheless after the Senator s phone call and with a storm raging through the city of Philadelphia, Jonas decides to use Tessa s obvious interest in him to get close and look out for her, as suggested by her worried father.Torn between his growing feelings for Tessa, who he seems to have misjudged, his loyalty to the Senator and the best interests of his Security firm he is with her when the blackout hits The two of them have to make their way across town to help an old friend of Tessa s and in the darkness that surrounds the city have to rely on each other The growing sexual chemistry between them cannot be denied and when the blackout finally lifts they have to reach a difficult decision and face some home truths.Without giving the plot away, all is not as it seems Admitting their love for each other is relatively easy, but can they trust each other As you would expect from a Blaze the sex scenes sizzle and the plot has some surprising twists and turns There is also an interesting sub plot involving one of the younger brothers In fact the author promises that each of the Berringer bodyguards will get their own story and from the glimpses we get to see as the book evolves, I for one am looking forward to them.I read this book in three settings, mainly because that pesky little thing, called real live intervened, but I could have easily read this in one Very difficult to put down once you start reading If you re looking for an emotionally satisfying and hot read, then give this a whirl You will not be disappointed [[ FREE E-PUB ]] ✙ Mine Until Morning ↮ Tessa Rose Is Intoxicating To Bodyguard Jonas Berringer But Not Simply Because She Has An Intimate Knowledge Of Aphrodisiac Scents Nor Is It Because She S Forbidden Fruit A Client, The Boss S Daughter Though Both Things HelpBut Jonas Thinks He Has Nothing To Offer Tessa, Not After A Moment Of Lost Focus Costs Jonas His Sight But When Tessa And Jonas Find Themselves Alone During A Blackout, They Discover Endless Temptations In The Dark Until Morning, They Ll Just Have To Trust Their Other, Heightened Senses To See Them Through Great premise, poorly executed Even the start of the book was great blind man having an erotic wet dream But the book quickly devolved to below average for me A blind bodyguard blames his spoiled client for his blindness and has to protecte her overnight during a blackout The spoiled client is a Senator s daughter who s really just misunderstood all she wants to do is make soaps and lotions I had a hard time with the characters didn t care one whit about them The whole book could have been half the length that it was, and it seemed artificially stretched out Did they really have to go to a blind restaurant Rescue a diabetic recluse Rescue the subway train from a panicked passenger Climb Mt Everest The whole night of the blackout was interminably long, and I was very glad when it was over. B620 Jun11 24 Hour Blackout 5 Jonas Berringer, body guard, was hired by her father to protect Tessa Rose He knocked out while protecting her from an ex When he wakes up he is blind His doctor is sure his sight will return as the swelling in is head goes away During the blackout his blindness doesn t matter I liked how their preconceived ideas of each other disappear as they work to get a diabetic friend the insulin she need. Wasn t bad, but it felt too long That blind restaurant was way over the top.As a side note, I m done with the whole she couldn t get away with not telling blank about what went wrong thing Um, she s a grown up, if she didn t want to talk to anybody and just go home she could, noone would hold her against her will She did want to talk about it and there s nothing wrong with it But she didn t have to. MINE UNTIL MORNING is part of the Harlequin Blaze 24 hour Blackout miniseries and is the latest offering by the fabulous author Samantha Hunter With a strong, feisty and fiercely independent heroine, women would relate or aspire to and an alpha yet sensitive and gorgeous hero all would love it has all the masala spicy ingredients which would keep readers on the edge of their seats turning the pages.Tessa Rose, though an US Senator s daughter, wanted to lead a normal life away from the influence of her father And she loathed any interference from her father in her life When the Senator started getting threats, he hired Jonas Berringer, from a private an exclusive security firm to guard his daughter Jonas, believed through the media, that Tessa was one spoiled rich girl who liked to rub her father s nose in her exploits and had made several questionable choices in relationships, among other things, that seemedabout thwarting her father s control than anything else.However, Jonas discovered that Tessa was not a girl any but a mature, successful business woman And very, very desirable Guarding Tessa becameintense than his usual assignments She tempted him from every angle she could Just for a weak moment when he gave in to the temptation, he lost his sight Then he found out Tessa had betrayed him to her father, which resulted in his company being pulled of the Senator s list.Now blind and bitter, he meets Tessa again during the blackout and they discover endless temptations They have to trust in each other and in their heightened senses to see them through the night until morning A hugely sensual and very enjoyable tale, MINE UNTIL MORNING is another not to be missed treat from the fabulous pen of Samantha Hunter It s a fast paced and feel good romance that sparkles with red hot sensuality, sizzling sex scenes, mesmerizing emotion and intense passion With strong, believable and realistic characters that leap of the pages and their deftly written story, it is sure to thrill and excite readers everywhere Very enjoyable read Tessa s dad, a prominent politician, hired Jonas to guard her during some threatening situations They find they share some pretty serious chemistry, but try to avoid acting on it.Fast forward to Jonas s hopefully temporary blindness, a returned of the threat to Tessa, and a blackout, and this is definitely a fast paced, enjoyable day and night for them and us readers.Can t wait to readof the Berringer series Jonas is one of four brothers sharing a protection agency Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle If you thought you knew what two people could do for 24 hours during a blackout, think again Samantha Hunter weaves quite a few twists, not to mention originality, in this very entertaining romance Two very strong and likable characters, Jonas and Tessa, turn up the heat all night long. I liked the premise of this book and the structure of each hour is a chapter but unfortunately neither of the characters engaged me Maybe it was the aromatherapy that turned me off continuing reading I did get half way through the book but decided to move on. Mine Until Morning is a hot, sexy, exciting read Who knew so much fun could be had during a 24 hour blackout Very enjoyable I look forward to the other Berringer brothers stories.Recommended