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I wasn t expecting this book to be as mysterious and creepy as it was It also took me a while to get the symbolism of Chopsticks the notes F G representing the main characters of Frank and Glory and Chopsticks is described as F G notes starting off close together and moving farther apart The format of telling a story through pictures lends itself to great discussion on making inferences and predictions with older readers of course but the story itself just didn t feel believable I realize a lot had to be written for readers to know what s going on, but it seems highly unlikely a school would suspend or expel a student via written letter That is something you tell a parent in person or over the phone It was little things like that that prevented me from thoroughly immersing myself into Frank and Glory s world. I ve always love mixed media novels like Cathy s Book or Hugo that tell unique captivating stories through pictures and hidden clues While Chopsticks excelled in the visual department, the story felt lacking Truth be told though, the I think about it after reading, the sense it makes.The main problem I think Chopsticks suffers from is that it takes for granted what can be inferred visually This is a case where a picture is worth a 1000 words doesn t hold true And that s pretty much evident from all the conflicting interpretations found on GoodReads.I kinda feel like the author illustrator used the intro statement of We must decide what is real, what is imagined, and what has been madness all along as a copout to mask that they have constructed a completely incoherent story Books are a medium where inference is hard and sometimes fewer words are not better Now normally I don t try to divulge too much of the books I read but in this case, I feel like I need to explain my interpretation of this story view spoiler spoiler alert For the first 9 chapters you think Gloria is an overworked child prodigy being pushed to insanity by a controlling, over bearing father Then you begin to realize she has an 8 year history of mental instability, having spent much time in a rest home with the same logo as the school Francisco supposedly attended A school that in fact shares the same name as the administrator of Gloria s home This is one of the first indications that Gloria was making things up.Then you see a scene where she is sewing the boxing robe that was supposedly Frank s years before It wasn t until the Police investigation of Glory s room where my suspicion was confirmed Every art piece formerly signed by Frank actually has her signature These and many other clues lead to the conclusion that the whole relationship was a figment of her imagination and inspired by her mother s wine collection.But then things get really confusing in the last few pages where a happily ever after is painted with Glory and Frank in Argentina So what s the truth Well Lucy Clevenger points out in her review that the last letter from Francisco is really in Glory s handwriting This is the last clue that he wasn t real and didn t invite her to Argentina But here is where my opinion differs from most people Many think she ran away to Argentina anyways to be with the guy she imagined But I can t agree.Glory is only 17 So as far as I am concerned no one is going to allow her to travel out of the country without a parent s consent, even a cruise line like Entertaining Seas So I actually think this book pulls a Virgin Suicides twist and the end is just a metaphor for her mental peace in death Earlier in the book Glory is reading Sylvia Plath s The Bell Jar which chronicles a woman s descent into mental illness and whose writer committed suicide a month after publication For me the ticket stub to Ushuaia, Argentina is the last clue in the puzzle Ushuaia is known as The End of the World since it is the southernmost city in the world What is a poetic way of saying someone has killed themselves than saying they have gone to the end of the world hide spoiler DOWNLOAD KINDLE ☱ Chopsticks ☼ After Her Mother Died, Glory Retreated Into Herself And Her Music Her Single Father Raised Her As A Piano Prodigy, With A Rigid Schedule And The Goal Of Playing Sold Out Shows Across The Globe Now, As A Teenager, Glory Has Disappeared As We Flash Back To The Events Leading Up To Her Disappearance, We See A Girl On The Precipice Of Disaster Brilliant And Lonely, Glory Is Drawn To An Artistic New Boy, Frank, Who Moves In Next Door The Farther She Falls, The Deeper She Spirals Into Madness Before Long, Glory Is Unable To Play Anything But The Song Chopsticks But Nothing Is What It Seems, And Glory S Reality Is Not Reality At All In This Stunningly Moving Novel Told In Photographs, Pictures, And Words, It S Up To The Reader To Decide What Is Real, What Is Imagined, And What Has Been Madness All Along Man, this was beautiful Absolutely stunning Comprised entirely of photographs, and very little text, it ws easy to fly through but it made me really focus and engage with the viewing experience I had to really look at each picture and decide what I thought was going on.The photographs we re completely wonderful and I know I m going to flick through this book often just to peak at the pictures The story, too, was fantastic I always knew what was going on, and was interested in what was going on, even though I was simply looking at pictures.I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something romantic, stunning, and new Oh my goodness This book is surprisingly good My expectations for this book were pretty low in the beginning, but after reading it, I somehow still few like I need to look back at this book to understand about it s deeper meaning To be honest, I read this book in a bookstore It took me about thirty minutes to finish this book mainly because it is a picture book Again, I will be honest, I sometimes do judge books by their cover and seeing this book for the first time, I was hesitant to read it The cover reminds me of typical young adult contemporary book about teen love Basically, by flipping through the pictures, it is about two different neighborhood teenagers who a bit instantly fall in love Gloria being a piano prodigy and Frank being an Argentinian boy coming into America and showing his artistic abilities Within these pictures, you understand both sides of their characters and their slight struggle being together as a couple with Gloria s career as a piano prodigy Seriously, something about these pictures even if many of them did look a tad bit staged was strange and mysterious It was interesting seeing pictures that portrayed the point of view of the characters.There are a few things that I didn t quite like One was Gloria s dad Victor who didn t really serve that much of a purpose except be a stereotypical mean parent of a prodigy who won t let the child live life and makes them practice all the time He s I believe the antagonist of this story which I wish he did change within the story Both Gloria and Frank started getting annoying during the middle of the book They were both in love and they seem to have almost made their relationship worse I don t think there is a real message in this book I just know this book makes you think This is quite psychological By the end, usually you might have to go back to certain parts of the book just to piece together everything that you just read In my mind, that was the winner I loved how there are some forms of symbolism and metaphors that cause readers to think twice about what happened earlier in the story Usually I don t give five stars to books, but I feel that this book is worth a 5 out of 5 stars just for it s purpose of making the reader think Sometimes I can t help but think about if there were things to understand about this book I recommend this book to people who want to read something that will cause them to think later on after reading this book If you go to a bookstore like I did and come across this book and if you have time to burn , consider reading it Spoilers major spoilers ahead You ve been warned This is the first time I did spoilers I mainly want to talk about the psychology and symbols that happened within the last part of this picture book The plot twist was extremely unexpected It was a subtle twist at the start, but it grew to a point where the reader can get confused To be honest, I was confused at the part with the picture of the rest facility admission sign in paper Looking at the dates, it lists dates about two years after Gloria s mom died I think I got that right No where in the book before that part does it say she ever went to a rest facility for piano prodigies Continuing onward, I noticed things such as her painting a familiar flower that was shown earlier that Frank painted By this time, I was overly confused The and I flipped through the you see loads of similar things from earlier There is another point where it shows a wall of drawings that are of Frank s but look closely Instead of his name signed at the bottom, it is Gloria s The rest facility s stationary is exactly the same as the school Frank attended and was expelled from It even had the same name Hmmm Strange I still was confused here I didn t understand the wine bottle, the map, or the boxing jacket till the end Gloria seems to have formed a psychological disorder possibly schizophrenia or multiple personality I m leaning on schizophrenia She most likely formed it from the death of her mother and her dad giving her practices schedules that made her less of a child Here at the end, you realize that she completely made up Frank in her mind She made a whole story of her chemistry with Frank This is where the wine bottle and everything takes place Gloria s mother had plenty of wine bottles There was one specifically with a face and a name That s how she formed his appearance and his name She had the map of Argentina That was where Frank was from She somehow got the boxing jacket it was plain and she heard the name of a famous boxer and sewed the name on the back of it Frank was a fan of boxing and of the boxer on the back of the jacket which earlier he owned She saw the stationary of the facility and made the facility the school Frank attended Then there is the display of paintings and drawings with Gloria s name instead of Frank s It s questionable whether or not they are the same person due to her artistic ability or that she missed the love of her mom and created someone to be with her as she struggled being under the power of her dad Everything here seriously made me flip back and forth to earlier pages just to make sure I was understanding things right From my book blog tumblr The Never Ending Bookshelf I should preface this review by saying that I am apparently no longer sympathetic to the romantic stupidity of youth I picked this book up after seeing it again and again and again in a discount store where I get a lot of my books from, and one day, on a whim, I bought it for 1.99 I now wish I could return it and get my 1.99 back The format is different Image heavy and super light on text, telling the story through a scrapbook style collage of images I ve never read anything like it before, and I don t think I ll be seeking anything like it out in the future I have no issues with illustrations in books, or even graphic novels clearly but that s art to supplement the story, not art AS the story It just doesn t work for me I am a reader I like to read words, see the pictures in my head, imagine the story unfolding I do not like having to piece together a story told in staccato images, IM conversation snippets, Youtube links, wine labels, progress reports, and gaps that I must fill in myself That s not writing, it s just lazy Some, maybe many, will like this format I m not one of them Regarding the story itself Meh I see what they did there the kids in love, the parents who can t understand that the love makes the kids happy, but just want what is best for them, and by trying to guide them to success, just make them miserable and desperate The good girl, the troubled boy The I ll give up everything to be with you romance The parents who can t see the pattern of their own heady in loveness being played out in front of them in their kids Whatever It s been done before The only thing different is that this time it s in pictures I was not at all surprised by the ending It was just as stupid as I feared I will say that I had hoped for better that some insight or maturity might suddenly occur, and things might actually not make me want to chuck this book in the wood chipper but no It was as predictable as they come Lame Don t waste your time or money on this. This high concept, super hipster, young adult graphic novel left me a bit cold Though its clear it would like to take you on a deep, thought provoking journey into the mind of a troubled teenager I never really skimmed any further than the surface in this mixed bag of obvious imagery and cliched gotcha moments Glory and Frank are your typical Romeo and Juliet teenagers She s a virtuoso piano player being raised by a hard as nails dad who s terrified of losing her following her mother s death Frank is a recent immigrant from South America who falls head over heels for Glory the second he sees her Faced with her grueling touring schedule and her father s intense dislike of Frank the two lovebirds would appear to be doomed We watch their blooming love through a cornucopia of photographs, ticket stubs, IM chat logs and other random detritus that people accumulate in their lives It s a relatively clever way to tell a story if somewhat kitsch Some of it is simply silly The death of Glory s mother is told through two Christmas cards The year prior to her death is a card with a laughing Glory and her mother wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and the opposite page features Glory in a Santa hat and her dad literally frowning into the camera with a message thanking everyone for their support Who the hell sends a card like that The other problem is rather then tell a simple story in a fairly cool way the authors have opted for a Memento style is any of this really happening bait and switch that s designed to make you go back to the beginning to work out what s really going on and whether or not one of these kids is even a real person.I m either too stupid to do that or the book is actually designed to be unsolvable but rather then creating a sort of dreamy open door ending that lets you imagine whatever you want I was just frustrated and frankly annoyed I m not a fan of reading material that makes me feel stupid.Because this is a visually told story with presumably real photographs, student ids, chat s between two separate people etc I m assuming that all this stuff is real As in these are real things I m looking at that actually exist in the world If one of these people isn t real why is the other one imagining a student ID Or a fictional letter of expulsion complete with school letterhead Granted I m not crazy shut up so I don t really have a frame of reference but I don t think that s how disassociative disorder or whatever works You can hear voices but I don t think you generally see the voices driver s license So leaving clues in the form of clothes both characters seem to be wearing at different times or art work one or the other of them might have drawn is fine IM convo s and letter exchanges between possibly non existent background characters is just weird Does one person have two computers with different IP addresses Also if one of these people isn t real then the other one is really, really sick Like probably shouldn t be operating in society sick Its not romantic or tragic, its dangerous and super duper creepy This is a person who s fantasies or delusions are so real to them they ve literally got a whole life built on them Its not charming to be left wondering what the hell was going on here its kind of frightening and deeply sad This was creepy and kind of awful as opposed to wistful and romantic Though it is entirely fitting that the artist behind it is deeply committed to transcending the visual possibilities in art, in culture, and throughout the universe I assume he is equally committed to his fedora and calling women milady. Whoa I don t even know what happened in this unique scrapbook of a mystery It reminded me a little bit of Black and White, a little bit of Griffin Sabine An Extraordinary Correspondence, and a little bit of the movie Black Swan not in the scary sense, just in the sense of what the HECK is going on Intriguing and unusual Has anyone tried the app Reading Chopsticks is like watching people kiss in the street it s private, it s beautiful, it s lonely, it s wild, it s secret, it s everywhere and you can t look away Daniel HandlerIncidentally, the illustrator, Rodrigo Corral, is the creative director at FSG and has designed a lot of recognizable covers, such as Super Sad True Love Story, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, The Marriage Plot, and A Million Little Pieces. If you haven t read Chopsticks yet, I d strongly recommend that you avoid reading this review, and also the back cover of the book It s an excellent story, best experienced in the dark SPOILER ALERT Chopsticks is the sound of being young and the feeling of being in love If the songs of Alanis Morissette are intellectual intercourse, Chopsticks is visual intercourse As intimate as a diary and as beautiful as a painting, this avant garde novel is a story of love, loss, fame, and obsession Well crafted and brilliantly designed from cover to cover, Chopsticks speaks softly, yet effortlessly gets under your skin Glory and Frank s love is as real as the flowers in the ground and blooms through modern art and music The book itself is nothing less than a visual feast and an ode to mixed media The tale of Glory and Frank s of love rises to the surface, but lightly woven into the fabric of these pages is a mystery that runs as deep as their love itself Slight incongruities in the continuity provide us subtle clues as to how the mystery unravels However, that fact that the teller of this story is an unreliable narrator opens up several possible solutions to the mystery it holds Through gentle visual clues, we are presented with the following evidence that something is awry 1 The photos at beginning of book are taken in the summer, but the book seems to start and end in the winter.2 The flashback is supposed to start around 06 07 08, but the events seem to start around 07 29 07, skewing the book s timeline.3 The school Frank attends, The Willard Dunn School for Boys, and The Golden Hands Rest Facility, where Glory is sent to recuperate, share the same logo, address, and administrator.4 Frank s locker has Glory s clothes in it, as well as the charcoal pencils presumably used to draw the art shown in the book.5 Glory s home at 121 Usher Ave is for rent.6 Glory s address at 121 Usher Ave is specifically mentioned in a newspaper article, which seems unlikely to occur in reality.7 The pictures shown of The Willard Dunn School for Boys and The Golden Hands Rest Facility are identical.8 Victor never ages.9 The illustrations and paintings supposedly created by Frank are shown first with Frank s signature, and then later with Glory s.10 Frank s package to the International School of Florence is not postmarked.11 Glory is nine months away from her 18th birthday when she disappears.12 The phrase love is wild is used by both Maria, Glory s mother, and Frank.13 The label on the wine bottle Frank gets for his 16th birthday matches the one Maria gets for her birth year.14 Glory s sixth admittance to The Golden Hands Rest Facility is on Frank s 16th birthday.15 The screenshot of the New Yorker article about Glory shows CG Textures and Design Blog links in the bookmark bar This may be errata in the actual book, but it s interesting nonetheless.16 The year in the last line of the chat session dated 08 29 08 is displayed as 2007 instead This may also be errata in the book itself, but equally interesting.17 Frank is expelled at the same time Glory performs Chopsticks uncontrollably in her home during a concert for close friends of her father s.18 Glory s house is drawn with tentacles around it.I believe this is enough evidence to support any one of the following plots, although the first appears to be the intended progression of events 1 Glory imagines Frank while recuperating from a supposed mental breakdown in The Golden Hands Rest Facility Near her 18th birthday, she escapes the facility to take a job as a pianist with a cruise line that services mainly South American ports the geographical region she obsesses over, following the death of her mother.2 Frank moves to New York from Argentina and longs for home He loves wine, boxing, and art, and imagines a girl, Glory, who has the same interests, living in the vacant house next door His love affair plays out in his head as he sneaks around the vacant house, entering through the basement After he is expelled from school, he returns to Argentina with the intent to become a winemaker, and dispels Glory from his head using this as an excuse.3 Glory imagines her entire piano career and love affair with Frank while living as a resident in a mental hospital Ultimately she commits suicide, and frees her mind in doing so.4 The whole story occurs in the mind of an inebriated teenager, and is therefore completely unreliable.Reading Chopsticks requires a different kind of literacy, one that is rooted in visual expression, interpretation, and interconnections For this reason, it would be an excellent book for non readers or low literate readers to engage in While we may never know where Glory truly goes, wherever it is, our hearts go with her The mysteries that remain are what keep the story alive, and ultimately draw you back to read it again and again. 3.5 starsThis book was difficult because I like the format, but it wasn t the easiest story to go along with it The conflict is intricate than what can be seen on the surface level, so trying to figure out what was unfolding got a little bit difficult toward the end, and it was harder to connect to I think this format of telling a story would be REALLY neat if it was something approachable, blatant Although this was a unique storytelling experience, some of the imagery was lost on me, and it was just hard to gauge what happened, or to track any of the characters emotional growth.