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What is it about Peter Pan that makes him so amazing I ve been trying to figure that out since I was six And so far, I ve been largely unsuccessful in pinpointing one single quality that sets him apart I mean, sure, he flies Sure, he s always young But there s something else about him Maybe it s his attitude, as Sarah says Or his total disregard for his personal well being.Or maybe the ease that he drops mangoes with. Fifth in the Peter and the Starcatchers fantasy adventure series for kids This installment takes us beyond what we expect of Peter Pan in a contemporary America.My TakeOkay, it is a fun adventure but there was something missing in it for me I suspect part of my disappointment was in the story s contemporary setting when I was expecting something withhistory.There is a most unexpected use for Facebook and Craigslist, but it does result in an email from a J.D Aster.It s still a clever manipulation of the Peter Pan fantasy that weaves in our own Disney World with the evenclever inclusion of Albert Einstein With luck, it ll inspire kids to explore or at least beopen to Einstein and quantum mechanics.The StoryIn 1905, the Starcatchers approached Albert Einstein for help in protecting Never Land A protection that was modified in 1971 by Pete Carmoody.TodayWhile chasing Aidan down to get her iPhone back, Sarah and Aidan inadvertently discover a secret hideaway in their dad s new to him antique desk A letter from Aster to Mister Magill It s Sarah s encyclopedic knowledge that enables her to recognize the name Magill And it is the impetus that sends Sarah and Aidan on their quest to solve the clue in the letter.Lucky for them, their parents have planned a family trip to England making their quest possible Unlucky for them, as finding the starstuff triggers a chase by the enemy.Sarah and Aidan must persuade Dr Aster before the police arrest them all to follow the trail to Florida With stillclues to decipher and adventures to follow To convince Peter To rescue Aidan from Ombra s clutches.The CharactersAidan Cooper enjoys the usual relationship most siblings have with older sisters Sarah, the older sister, practically has the Peter and the Starcatcher series memorized Tom and Natalie Cooper are their history minded parents.Lord Ombra is still weak from the battle in Peter and the Secret of Rundoon Lester Armstrong is a private investigator and not the most ethical of men with a talent for computer research, and he is soon hot on the trail of the runaways Hector Gomez and Wanda Blight are the FBI agents in charge of retrieving the kidnapped children.J D Aster is a physics professor at Princeton University and a non believing descendant of the original Lord Aster Allen Mac Macpherson, a friend of Aster s, turns out to have been involved much later with the bridge projecte He does remember that Pete Carmoody was involved in a project to make a smaller,portable bridge Fay is Pete s widow.The inhabitants of Never Land from Captain Hook, Smee, and his crew Teacher the chief of the Mollusk Indians, Fighting Prawn and his son Bold Abalone with the rest of the village a very suspicious Peter Pan and Tinker Bell the Lost Boys Tootles, Nibs, Curly, Slightly, and the twins and, Mister Grin.The Cover and TitleThe cover is a murder of ravens chasing, surrounding Sarah and Aidan as they flee across a bridge at Disney World.The title is too true as quantum physics has allowed a safe dimension for the island as well as The Bridge to Never Land. It was so good I didn t really enjoy the previous book in the series but this one was amazing The search for clues at the beginning was maybe a little too convenient but other than that it was everything the previous book wasn t. Hmmm, this book ended with the hint that there will be another book Will there I hope so As long as they keep writing this series, I will keep reading the books I sure enjoy them.This book introduces us to brand new characters, Sarah and Aidan Cooper They are in the modern era Sarah has read all the Starcatchers books which I think was such a neat idea She and her brother find a weird piece of paper hidden in a secret compartment in their father s desk So naturally they try to figure out what it is As they dig deeper, Sarah starts to make connections to the Starcatchers books and begins to wonder if the books are all true.A thing that I really enjoyed was how Sarah would actually read sections out of the previous Starcatcher books I thought it was a neat way to remind readers about certain critical moments, but at the same time, doesn t feel like I m being reminded.Sarah and Aidan are very likable characters I really enjoyed their adventure The story progressed very quickly There wasn t much time spent on stupid, slow information It was constantly moving, which kept me very engaged Then, they met J.D Aster I really liked him too All of the new characters were well developed and likeable.Naturally, the book is called Bride to Neverland so they have to track down this bridge, because an evil villain is after them, and starstuff Eventually we get to see a few of our beloved characters from the origianl series It was just enough to still make this story about the other characters, but you get that glimpse, a small taste, of the old characters I absolutely loved it It is fun to see what they have been up to after such a long time.We get a lot of different perspectives in this book Even from the minor characters who really don t mean anything It was like reading a movie I got to see everything that was going on even though I didn t really care much about any of those characters And the Disney references were awesome I have always loved Disneyland I haven t been to the Magic Kingdom as often, but it was still awesome, because I knew exactly what he d been talking about.I really liked the ending view spoiler I liked how Peter was able to defeat Ombra, but I also liked that he had promised to come back soon, even though Tink warned him that there was still evil here, that Ombra probably isn t dead again And then in the last chapter, you see that Peter has been coming back, but that there is still the threat that Ombra is coming back and Peter is ready to take him on again if he needs to Which makes me think that perhaps we will get another book at some point hide spoiler There needs to be another book It can t end this way Okay, I have a lot of feeling about this book See, I was perfectly content with the Starcatchers series being a trilogy, but I couldn t say that I wasn t excited about the fourth one coming out about three years ago It wasn t as good as the other three, but it was a nice addition to the series that I ve probably readtimes than Harry Potter which is quite a lot.This book was interesting My friend told me about it a while ago but I didn t really know what she was talking about until I saw it Barnes and Noble yesterday when I was browsing through the children s section yes, I still do that It s fun I read the back and needless to say, I was super excited In fact, I squealed a bit because this book is my dream All the things that happened in the Starcatchers trilogy I still refer to it as that, shhh were TRUE Not to mention the main character, Sarah, not only got to travel to Neverland but she got to go there with a hot physics professor I mean, how wonderful would that be That got my fangirl going so I just HAD to read it I was very pleased with it and actually finished it in less than twenty four hours because it was such a page turner The suspense was written very well at parts I had to really focus to keep my eyes from dancing around the page because of all the suspense But not only the suspense, the authors really filled in the holes that the original Peter Pan novel and the movies left The seclusion of the island That was really cleverly done especially since I love science fiction with all my heart and I really appreciated all the science behind it All in all, I really really loved it However, there are a few pet peeves for me First of all, Tinkerbell s narrative wasn t put in there, which I loved in the other books Tink is utterly hilarious and I was rather disappointed that her snide little remarks were left out Second, and most importantly of all, the timeline when it came to travelling to and from the two universes didn t make any sense See, I love time travel things like that but I m really picky about the details I follow Doctor Who pretty well Moffat s timelines are always really twisty and confusing but REALLY REALLY thought out and planned well and I found myself overthinking the time issue and seeing all the holes with that that I felt needed to be filled I cannot fully explain myself because one, I am not a scientist and two, because I don t know how to properly articulate to you the thoughts I m thinking on the subject Just know that the time issues didn t make any sense to me and not because I was looking at time from a linear perspective and that is one of the main things that didn t make me totally and completely impressed with this book.Overall, 3 5 stars to a good addition to the series that I loved when I was younger and will continue to do so. .Read Kindle ♆ The Bridge to Never Land (Peter and the Starcatchers, #5) ♱ Aidan And Sarah Cooper Have No Idea What They Re Getting Into One Afternoon When They Discover A Mysterious Coded Document In A Secret Compartment Of An Antique English Desk Their Father Recently Brought At An Auction Something About The Document Seems Familiar To Sarah, And That Night She Realizes What It Is The Document Seems To Be Referring To Some Books She Has Read The Starcatchers Series, About The Origin Of Peter Pan But How Could That Be The Document Seems Far Older Than The Books And Of Course, The Books Are Just StoriesCurious, Sarah And Aidan Begin To Decipher The Mysterious Document At First It S A Game Unraveling The Mystery Piece By Piece, Each Piece Leading Them To A New, Deeper PuzzleBut Soon The Game Turns Strange And Scary They Discover That The Stories Are Real, And That What They Thought Was A Fictional Battle Between Good And Evil Is Still Going On And The Scariest Part Is They Have Become Part Of ItPursued By A Being That Can Take Any Form And Will Stop At Nothing To Get What It Wants From Them, Aidan And Sarah Embark On A Desperate, Thrilling Quest For Help A Quest That Leads Them To Some Unforgettable People In Some Unlikely Places, Including One That S Not Supposed To Exist At All At Each Step They Must Solve New Puzzles And Escape New Dangers, All The While Knowing That Is They Fail, The Evil They Are Fleeing Will Be Let Loose On An Unsuspecting World Sometimes it s just nice to read a book that is pure adventure and fun While this is technically the fifth novel in the Peter and the Starcatchers series, it is really a little bit separate This time around, the authors decided to do something different and it really paid off Frankly, the series was starting to grow a little stale and a bit repetitive, so much so that I was reluctant to even read this one, even though it s been sitting on my shelf for quite a while now The original series took place in the late 1800s with the fourth book placed in 1902 It was sort of an alternative origin story for the Peter Pan universe and did a good job of providing a plausible and interesting story line, even though it departed from the original and Disney versions of the classic story But in this fifth book, we jump to the present day and get to follow Aidan and Sarah Cooper, 15 and 17 years old respectively as they discover a strange document in a secret compartment of an antique English desk that their father had just bought at auction That launches them on a lengthy quest and soon leads them to understand that the books they had both read the first four books in this series were real Perilous adventure awaits.The end of the book does hint at another one to follow but since this was published in 2011, I m not sure that will be happening That s too bad because I really enjoy them even though they are YA They work especially well in cases like mine when you re coming off a really disappointing reading experience Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a good ol fashioned adventure. Action 7.5Characters 5.2Plot 6.0Pace 7.1Overall 6.8Struggling Reader Score 7.0All scores out of a possible 10If you read any of the first books in the Starcatcher series, you probably already know how amazing these books are They are definitely one of thecreative re imaginings of a classic story that I have read in a long time, second best to The Looking Glass Wars They are grand adventures that are incredibly engaging, humorously witty, and easy to read For the record, I think my favorite in the series is Peter and the Shadow Thieves But I digress As much as I love this series, I felt let down by this installment Let me begin by saying that my three sons ages 5 10 vehemently disagree with the overall ranking that I gave this book They could not get enough of this story and are already clamoring to read the next one They loved the book s adventurous nature and easily identified with the main characters They also enjoyed how the book returns to Neverland but still feels like a brand new story To be totally honest though, I think their enjoyment of the book was the only reason that I rated it as high as I did Otherwise, my score would be nearer to a 6 than a 7.I do not want to spend too much time bashing a book in a series that I adore And again I feel I must reiterate how much I enjoyed the first four books Nevertheless, this book is missing so much that I feel obligated to point out a few things To begin with, as my low score for the characters no doubt indicates, the characters are nowhere near the standard that I have come to expect from this pair of amazing writers I confess that I was exceedingly disappointed to not have many of my old favorites involved in the story.Peter isn t even involved until about three fourths the way through the book When he does finally show up, we find him to be muchlike the original, self centered prat from J.M Barrie s book, Peter Pan, than the mischievous, fun loving and loyal character that I have come to love from the Starcatcher series This alone is a major step back in my opinion Whether it is an intentional ploy to show how Peter the Starcatcher becomes Peter Pan or just a new take on the character, I m not sure Either way, I found it annoying Then suddenly, in a scene seemingly only there for this purpose, Sarah saves Peter s life by risking her own and within seconds he is a completely changed boy This feels ridiculous and forced One experience cannot change a person s character so completely But even assuming that it can, Peter s character is reduced to littlethan a side story to help whenever the protagonists need to him and his powers to get out of a jam.I miss Tubby Ted.I also struggled mightily to identify with Sarah and Aiden There is no way that these two kids, 17 and 15 respectively, acted their ages Between their banal dialog and predictable actions, they strike me aslikely to be 13 and 10 Moreover, their constant bickering followed by an almost immediate reconciliation makes them feellike annoying props for a storyline than organic characters that I can buy into For me, one of the most serious speed bumps on the road toward liking them is what they put their parents through I know this is mainly the parent in me speaking, but their complete disregard for their parents feels unjustified and mean.The final thing that I will complain about is the lack of a real villain Unlike the way Rowling brings Voldemort to life despite the fact he is littlethan an evil parasite living in Professor Quirrell s turban for most of the book, Barry and Pearson never make Umbra feel like an actual threat A bunch of birds Really Instead they expect the reader to remember all the bad things he has done in other books I guess the best way that I can explain this is by putting it like this When I asked my kids who they thought was the villain in the story, they all said it was Captain Hook, a character, like Peter, that doesn t even show up until the end of the book.Overall, Peter and the Bridge to Neverland is an okay story and is worth a read, assuming you have already read the first four books in the series However, I think most of the fans of the Peter and the Starcatcher series will hope, like me, that Barry and Pearson decide not to continue down the path that Sarah and Aiden began and instead return to the characters that we fell in love with in the original Peter and the Starcatchers I miss Tubby Ted. I brought two books with me to a camping trip, this one and one that I haven t read yet I assumed I d read that one, but I started thinking about this book and couldn t help reading it I was able to read half of it in 3 nights Then, when I got home, I forgot I started it until I was searching for one of my favorite bookmarks and remembered it was in here I forgot how crazy this book is