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What an amazing life story I think most of us couldn t boast 1 10 as much adventure and intrigue A very fun read Crazy to think this is non fiction. @DOWNLOAD E-PUB ì An Unreasonable Woman, in Search of Meaning Around the Globe õ In , Shirley Deane, A Young Professional Musician, Turned Her Back On A Recording Contract And TV Appearances To Work Her Way Around The World She Traveled To Countries, Became The First Woman To Drive A Land Rover From England To Kathmandu, Was Kidnapped And Questioned By Turkish Police, Offered A Job By The CIA, Was Cured Of Asthma By An Indigenous Doctor In Kashmir, Managed A Clinic In A Tibetan Refugee Camp In Nepal, And Stood Against Death Threats To Write And Publish The First Ever Who S Who Of Black South Africans And That S Only Part Of Her Amazing Story Without The Pages Of Photographs, Newspaper Clippings, And Other Memorabilia, You Might Forget You Are Reading A Memoir I found this book in the Unbelievable category because Ms Deane s Memoir is so filled with adventures, dreams, love stories, tales of her life as an entertainer who made history that you just keep reading as to where she was going next, and with whom.The style of writing from not chapter to chapter, but skipping in certain years was a bit distracting.I would highly recommend this one. Wow I didn t read this for a while because of the cover, which looks so 50s and upbeat Then I flipped through and realized it s part travelogue for a woman who drove half way around the world in a Land Rover, by herself It s really of an autobiography than a memoir, covering decades, countries and cultures She tells her story in simple, quick moving prose It s rare to find nonfiction like this that I just can t put down I was appalled by the apartheid culture of South Africa in the 1970s not so different from the U.S., maybe, but the danger and hatred recent I love languages and adventure and so enjoyed the travels, personalities, food I can identify with Shirley s desire to break out of ordinary, life draining routines The eastern wisdom that sounded like Christianity than some Christians was intriguing.I recommend this book for anybody who loves travel or armchair traveling or who wants inspiration to break out of their routine. Fascinating woman Ahead of her time.