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@EBOOK á Connolly's Marxism ⚹ James Connolly, Born In Edinburgh And Executed By The British In Dublin , Was A Major Socialist Theorist He Worked His Way Out Of A Poverty Stricken Scottish Childhood, Through Lengthy Spells In The Army And As A Trade Union Organiser In America He Emerged As Ireland S Most Clearsighted And Resourceful Socialist Organiser And ThinkerIn This Interpretive Study Bernard Ransom Presents A Complex Connolly Historian, Philosopher, Strategist And Activist In Particular He Shows How Connolly Made Marxism Relevant For Ireland By Reconciling Nationalist And Socialist Ideas And How He Restored A Viable, Realistic Use Of Marxist Theory As A Guide To Action, At A Time When Most Of Its Practitioners Treated As An Unchallengeable Scientific DogmaWhat Emerges Is A Consistency Of Thought And Action By A Man Not Afraid To Be Inspired By Irish History And Christian Traditions A Man Whose Life S Work, Including The Apparently Hopeless Easter Rising Of , Was An Attempt To Establish The Theoretical And Organisational Basis For Socialism In Ireland