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Itwas AMAZING Okay, okay, I read this a while ago but I can still remember it Trust me, I m not failing in Spanish yet My memory still beats an 80 year old This series was definitely one of the best reads I ve had as a child before 13 But let me tell you, puberty struck early, and you know what happens My hormones are all over the place.This book had be blown at who to choose Loki, or Finn Literally me while reading this book okay.OMG, I love Finn..wait no, hold on.Loki s being pretty sexy tooarrgghhhhh.No I love Loki Wait no Finn s the one HUH Wuh OK, IT S LOKI Period, I like him Wait, but Finn s still really cute, though Like, I need my heart to stop NO, not literally, but you just can t choose Hocking has all the pre teens stuck in her mind capturing spell.And you, my friend, you re going to be a mess A MESS loki s really cuteteehee ahem ANYWAYS, this book has all the action and adventure you need Just take this book and get a passport, you ll be everywhere in no time But yes, there s the romance to get a hold of, the characters, your passport , but in the end, you know it s one boy or the otherWho will you choose DUN DUN DUN Wendy s wedding approaching and war on the horizon, she must now make preparations to keep her people from dying The choices she makes now will either guarantee the future of the Trylle or destroy them completely.Final thoughts Ugh I am so disappointed by this book It was an absolute mess Hocking seems to have realized late in the game that she needed to resolve points from her first two books in this trilogy and she kind of just jams those resolutions in without any honest flow There s also a Bella Swan element here of Wendy constantly wanting to go out and save the day on her own and having the men who love her constantly tell her they won t lose her like that and never do that again Hocking also seems to have no idea about the realities of war and she even seems to forget the time period she s in A whole city has been attacked and Wendy first sends 10 people out to go help them Those 10 people come across the attackers in a forest and surprise them But if everyone is driving cars and cities aren t that far away, how come the attackers stopped at all and how did the 10 scouts who are in cars driving on roads just happen to come across them in the forest Later, Wendy herself goes out to the town, makes one round in the palace ballroom that s being used as a hospice, and then she goes out and cleans the town Yup She and the others clean No rescuing of anyone No burying Cleaning.The romance part isn t handled well either Wendy has three guys in her life, but the person she seemed to want the most for the first two books is just kind of there in this one and she s suddenly deeply in love with someone else Another similarity to Meyer s work is the seeming need for everyone to have a happy ending Breaking Dawn annoyed me because everyone ended up happy Ascend is similar All things work out for everyone good and nice Bad guys are no longer around and or bad Blah blah blah I could go on and on for days about the problems in this book.Hocking needs an editor desperately Her FAQ says that she writes each book in about three weeks It really shows in this one Writing a book and self publishing it doesn t mean it s necessarily worth reading and this one isn t. The third book in Amanda Hocking s Trylle trilogy was definitely a huge disappointment After reading the first two books, I thought the story was interesting and had an intriguing storyline but overall, the entire trilogy went downhill fast In this third book, Wendy is stuck having to make decisions for the good of the kingdom or for what she really wants in life You go through her struggles of marrying someone that she doesn t love and falling in love with the enemy She also struggles with the growing conflict she has with her mother and the warring tensions she has with her father Overall, I thought the romance in this story was definitely ridiculous She falls in love with Loki, a Vittra royal, from the enemy kingdom who she doesn t really have feelings for in the first place If anything, it seemed like he was a stalker and she ended up magically falling in love with him with no real development of their feelings for each other Then, the entire time, I m thinking that Wendy is in love with Finn, her tracker and that something would happen in the end with him because he is a different class and I thought Wendy would make changes to that once she is Queen but nothing happens between them Nothing Apparently, because Finn never fought for Wendy, she gives up on her love for him However, in the first two books, that is all Wendy can think about is Finn and in comes Loki Seriously And the cheating was terrible too I couldn t get over that in the story I feel like the author wrote this book about a girl who everyone falls in love with and she apparently gets everyone s cake and eats it too Pretty much inhales it at this point I did not like this book or the series Definitely not worth anyone s time Seriously a big fail and huge disappointment I don t know why there are good reviews for this series because it was just terrible Don t act on everything your heart says, but make sure you listen to it Sometimes your heart is rightWell, where should I start This book This series cries with happy tearsOne of my biggest problems in reading a final book of the series is the separation anxiety that I always get With this book, I found myself experiencing the same It s hard to let go of a series that basically makes you feel attached to the story, the characters, and its world Ascend is another one of those series enders that basically make you feel happy and sad at the same time because of its unforgettable closure I love how the series ended in a sweet and satisfying appeal So much had happened in this book Wendy s character became developed She became responsible, strong, and independent Same goes with the supporting characters especially Loki, Tove, Finn, Willa, and the rest of the gang.What made this book a remarkable one was the unpredictability My oh my, the romance s plot twist really surprised me I was like,WOW, am I really reading what I m readingBecause OMG, MY SHIP IS SAILING SO BEAUTIFULLY and it s FOR REAL I practically swooned I won t be mentioning who Wendy ended up with because it s a huge spoiler but OMG, the romance really got me in my feelsI don t think I ve ever really felt like I had a home before Not until I met youWhat just stopped me from rating it a perfect 5 was the action scenes As a final book of the series, the action should be intense and extremely boundless scenes that will wow you and give you goosebumps But in this book, the action scenes were kind of lame and they were just basically heard from the characters and were not really seen I was expecting really mind blowing action scenes where supernatural powers are exhibited There was none But all in all, this book made a really great ending, emotion wise I love the romance, the characters, and the satisfaction I got after reading this Trylle trilogy is one of the loveliest YA fantasy series I ve ever come across Rating 4 Stars review found at www.awesomebooknut.comGREAT ending to a fabulous trilogy I was beyond happy about the whole thing Seriously I do have some nicks but nothing super serious.I loved seeing the development with Wendy and her mother I loved the regret, development, love that was revealed and shared between the two.I absolutely love the love triangle which is VERY odd for me to say I loved that the author was able to make me rage war with myself in who I liked better But in the end I am very happy with how that went down.It was cool to watch Wendy ascend pun intended to the throne The meetings, the trial and error I loved how everything wasn t easy I can appreciate some realness in that.One character I would like to know about is Tove What an awesome, sweet character I loved him and I hope that maybe the author will do a novella or something with his character.One thing I was SLIGHTLY disappointed with was the final climax fight scene There was SO MUCH built up and then not so much action I was okay really with but it just lacked.a little something I guess.Overall I loved this book and the trilogy I finished all 3 books in three days It was so fun and I loved the idea of it Looking forward to reading from this author.Sexual Content moderateViolence moderateLanguage moderateDrugs Alcohol mild I can t believe Wendy and Finn didn t get their happy ending Seriously The author made me fall in love with this couple and then out of no where, it s like Oh, I m going to fall in love with someone else instead It was very disappointing I did love how much Wendy changed and became the queen she was meant to be but it was a slap in the face that she chose Loki over Finn Loki was cool and I understand how she could be with him when they were in the other place but Finn was her love and he had a sense of duty I understand she wanted him to fight for her and it seemed like he just accepted his place but omg WHY REVIEWI read these three books back to back to back on my Kindle The story had me so engaged, that I could not put it down I was reading in the car, at school, on my bed, at the dinner table, and in the media room You could call it an obsession.In this paranormal tale, Wendy learns at the age of seventeen that she is a troll Oh, but she isn t just ANY troll, her past is filled with mystery, deceit, and some unexpected ancestors Amanda Hocking carefully twisted this plot with all sorts of surprises I guarantee that you have not read a series quite like this before.Plain and simple Wendy rocks She starts out unsure and confused I mean, who wouldn t be questioning things if they just found out they were a troll The beauty lies in how Wendy grows and changes As her confidence grows, she becomes the girl err troll she was always meant to be.Let s talk romance Wendy has boy trolls after her than she keep track of They are all nice in their own way, but they each have their unique traits Finn is protective Loki is a flirt Tove is like a brother I loved them all.If you are looking for a battle, you have come to the right place Amanda Hocking has written some of the most epic battle scenes ever Sure these scenes are filled with the physical battle, but they also contain the emotions behind the fight They were so real that I could FEEL them.This series about trolls surprised and entertained me I will definitely be looking for Amanda Hocking books to read.RATING5 LovedCOVER COMMENTSI like how the covers are so similar and work together to tell the story I also love the turquoise and black because it has a mysterious feel to it. One thing I truly appreciate about the author s writing is that she doesn t draw out her books with endless filler words I never find myself wanting to skip past parts in boredom of endless elaboration of feelings or a situation Her writing always seems to flow at a nice pace, keeping the reader s interest throughout the entire book As for Ascend, I felt it was the perfect ending to a wonderful trilogy In this final book, Wendy finally takes over the Trylle kingdom, after her mother passes Before Elora passed, I was pleased to see that Wendy and Elora shared some tender and heartfelt moments together Elora had, for the most part, come across cold and never truly expressed love towards her daughter, Wendy After her passing, Wendy was surprised to discover that Elora had painted numerous paintings throughout her childhood, confirming the motherly love that Elora held for her Especially considering that Elora sacrificed a portion of her longevity, so to speak, with each painting she did The much talked about love between Wendy Finn or Wendy Loki was a complete surprise to me At first, I thought I wanted to see Wendy and Finn together, after their brief almost happened love scene When Wendy abruptly called it quits before they went too far, I was really disappointed, and didn t understand why Wendy would give up the opportunity to finally be with Finn But as the story progressed, I realized what Ms Hocking had in mind and my opinion completely changed Wendy and Finn shared an emotional final break up of sorts, in which she tells Finn why she moved forward with Loki, and gave up on the hope of a Wendy Finn future Finn never fought for her, to be with her, or just not enough He was too driven to abide by the rules and with making her Queen, and that always seemed to get in the way of any future they would have had together Loki, on the other hand, had gone through hell and back, essentially, for Wendy As the story progresses with Wendy Loki moments, I had no disappointment what so ever about the final love outcome They truly do seem perfect together, and though it was sad to see both Wendy and Finn have a little heartbreak, it was worth it in the end to see the final outcome The ending of this book was perfect, and I would not change a single thing Wendy s tyrant of a father is put to rest, thanks to Wendy, for the majority, and both Kingdoms are finally at peace with one another The Epilogue, especially, was just absolutely amazing It ended so well that readers won t be left sad at the end of this trilogy, but rather happy with how things are left It was everything I was hoping, and First, let me address the fact that I do love the series as a whole Now, that being said, I found this to be the worst book in the trilogy I read through the reviews to be quite honest, I am totally appalled that people acually enjoy Wendy ending up with Loki I despised him from his introduction I was totally team Finn, but in the second book, I didn t mind if she ended up with Tove They seemed well suited for each other It would have been great to have them fall in love despite the marriage being arranged before they ever met Also, the author really started to aggravate me with Tove, his character in this book became so lame He was such a strong force in the 2nd book being Wendy s husband, he should have remained a strong main character, not so far on the back burner And what happened to Rhys Seriously Just because he started dating, does not mean he would totally ignore Wendy Matt uggh im frustrated with my disgust for loki to me its like bella ending up with mike from the twilight saga it doesn t make sense frustrates me to no end rant over hopefully, i am not the only one who feels this way, but sadly, judging by the reviews left alreadyi probably am. `Free Epub ↜ Ascend ↾ Popular E Book, Ascend Author Amanda Hocking This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Ascend, Essay By Amanda Hocking Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You