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The Key West part was fun, but the typos were really annoying Hazard of self publishing, I guess. Good yarn.Really needs proof reading than spell checker Very distracting bacon v beacon, angel v angle and too many others. I received this book through a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway Thank you The author even signed it and wrote a note Very thoughtful I enjoyed this book I was in Key West last year, and so it was nice to be familiar with the locations in the story.This is a read if you re looking for something light and fast pacedperfect to read on the beach in Key West The chapters are very short, which makes it easy to pick up and read in short spurts. easy read, so interesting wonderful characters The story begins Tina and I walked the short block from Key West Island Books.While I was in Key West, I visited the famous Key West Island Book store and picked up a few books of local interest The author lives in Key West and the story takes place in Key West The book incorporates many of the streets, bars, restaurants, and people from Key West It was cool to be staying on Duval Street not far from where all of the action takes place.That being said, even without the personal experience of Key West, the book was enjoyable, the quirky characters were entertaining, and the story line was unique enough that it did not feel like every other action mystery book I have read lately I recommend it.I might have rated it higher except for the typos in the book There were about 15 cases where the wrong word was used loser instead of looser, angles instead of angels, your instead of you re If there is a reprint I would suggest finding a new proof reader Note that if you are Kindle Owner Prime member you can read this book for free. ^Pdf ⇨ Free Range Institution ⇺ Key West Begins To Look The The Wild West As Murphy And His Ragtag Team Of Friends Gets Involved With Stopping A Drug Shipment From Arriving On The Island Soon Corrupt City And Federal Officials Work With A Mercenary In Charge Of A Colombian Drug Smuggling Team To Get Murphy At Any Cost Murphy S Friend, The Local Chief Of Police Is Looking For Him To, To Explain The Violence That Seems To Continually Lead Back To Murphy Murphy S Black Bag Friend, Norm, Shows Up To Help And Enlists Some Members JIATF, A Federal Agency Responsible For Tracking Drug Traffickers The Climatic End Begins Off The Bahamian Island Of Cay Sal With The Drug Shipment Arrival Via A Albatross Seaplane And Finally Ends In The Fishing Shacks Of Stock Island, Key West S Working Class Neighborhood