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!Pdf ♫ Heirs of General Practice ☪ Heirs Of General Practice Is A Frieze Of Glimpses Of Young Doctors With Patients Of Every Age About A Dozen Physicians In All, Who Belong To The New Medical Specialty Called Family Practice They Are People Who Have Addressed Themselves To A Need For A Unifying Generalism In A World That Has Become Greatly Subdivided By Specialization, Physicians Who Work With The Unquantifiable Idea That A Doctor Who Treats Your Grandmother, Your Father, Your Niece, And Your Daughter Will Be Adroit In Treating You These Young Men And Women Are Seen In Their Examining Rooms In Various Rural Communities In Maine, But Maine Is Only The Example Their Medical Objectives, Their Successes, The Professional Obstacles They Do And Do Not Overcome Are Representative Of Any Place Family Practitioners Are Working While Essential Medical Background Is Provided, McPhee S Masterful Approach To A Trend Significant To All Of Us Is Replete With Affecting, And Often Amusing, Stories About Both Doctors And Their Charges This was EXCELLENT Extremely engaging, fascinating, and helped to lessen the stigma surrounding family practice physicians I am not entering the medical field and I found this to be an enjoyable read Highly recommend for anyone interested in the doctor patient relationship. Delightful quick read I come from a family of general practitioners my mother was a G.P and my sister followed in her footsteps and I am a fan of John McPhee s writing, in general So I expected to like this book than I actually did The book follows the standard McPhee schema in depth reporting on a very specific topic, in this case doctors who choose to work as general practitioners McPhee provides vignettes of a dozen or so such doctors, almost all of them working in Maine McPhee is usually very effective in working from the specific to reach general insights, and it is clear that he would like to do the same here That is, by focusing on doctors who have opted out of the mainstream, he would like to illuminate some general truths about the practice of mainstream medicine However, I think his success in doing so is limited, rarely rising above statement of the obvious By focusing his microscope only on family practitioners working in Maine, the generalizability of any lessons they might offer is questionable The needs of communities in Maine cannot be considered particularly representative of the U.S in general So the book never really becomes anything than a series of isolated vignettes of some individual maverick doctors.Which is interesting as far as it goes, but I wish McPhee had been able to do with the material By the end I felt that an opportunity had been missed. You guys, my dad is in this book This book was definitely a good read The writing was a bit gritty at times with back to back medical stories surrounding family practice doctors A good book to gain further perspective into preventative medicine and why we should to care about general practice. John McPhee tells the story of different family practice physicians who chose to practice in rural Maine in the early 1980s, when this was a newer medical sub specialty resurrected He brings out the lives of about a dozen doctors, their patients and their conditions as they visit these doctors, and intersperses these stories with explanations of how this medical specialty is different and how it fits into the towns where they serve The book is good but it doesn t feel like it comes fully together as a book. An excellent portrait of the heart of family medicine The fine details of the patients and doctors alike in a case report style are written with such compassion I almost thought the author to be a family physician himself This book should be required reading for all medical students and for anyone who has ever been a patient Definitely a book I will be recommending to all my friends At a time when reading the news makes me horrified, and then horrified, it was a great relief to read this book about doctors choosing to go into family practice to choose to work in rural settings, treat the whole patient, and even make house calls McPhee is careful not to mythologize these real people they are not SuperDocs, but they are truly admirable human beings And, of course, since he s a brilliant writer, McPhee has fun describing doctors and patients and adding the occasional clever spin, or twist, or joke My favorite is this phrasethe town s other doctor wears a cross in his lapel and has personally been obstetricated twice.which sent me to Google in vain before I realized it was the medical equivalent of born again. What can I say about John McPhee that I haven t already said in previous reviews He can take any subject and make it interesting It matters not if your particular interest lies elsewhere All of a sudden the book turns into a page turner, you can t wait to get back to it book and you are sorry when it s finished Just pick up one of McPhee s books and see for yourself.