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!DOWNLOAD PDF ♖ The Viking's Possession (English Edition) ♷ After She Saves The Life Of Prince Anders, The Viking Warrior Who Took Her As His Captive And Tamed Both Her Body And Her Heart, Nineteen Year Old Princess Aurelie Of Donrose Knows That She Can Never Return Home Again She Will Belong To Anders Forever, As His Bride And His Possession, Destined To Be Used And Enjoyed As Thoroughly, Shamefully, And Often As He PleasesThough Anders Has Proven Many Times That He Is Than Willing To Punish Her Bare Bottom Harshly For Any Disobedience, With War Fast Approaching Between Her Brother And Her Husband, Aurelie Puts Her Own Life In Danger In The Hopes Of Making Peace But When Her Reckless Gamble Goes Wrong, Can Anders Rescue His Headstrong Young Wife Before Any Harm Comes To Her Publishers Note The Vikings Possession Is A Stand Alone Sequel To The Vikings Conquest It Includes Spankings, Sexual Scenes And Sexual Humiliation, And If Such Material Offends You, Please Dont Buy This Book This is a blend of historical and erotic romance, it doesn t contain the humiliation that book 1 did but still retains the limit pushing BDSM that was contained in book 1 I wouldn t really say that you could read this as a stand alone, mainly because Anders and Amelie are already in love when this book starts Having read book 1 I was eager to see how they found their stride as a couple and whether Amelie would be accepted and able to adapt to her new life.This picks up where The Viking s Conquest finished, with Amelie and Anders travelling back to his kingdom in the North Will his father allow them to marry, and even if he does will she ever be accepted as their Queen To make matters worse both Magnus and Amelia s family are determined to prevent them living in peace together.This is one very steamy and erotic read, but nicely balanced by a decent story line There were some interesting side plots, one of which was left as a loose end I am presuming this will be picked up in subsequent books and am definitely looking forward to the impact this will have on both Aurelie and Anders.My only criticism is based on personal preference, rather than an issue with the writing or characters For me the setting felt a little limited, with most of the book set in the same few rooms of the castle with the same few characters The vast majority of the scenes involve just the H and h, sometimes also the King I would have liked interactions between Inger and Aurelie and perhaps for Aurelie to have been shown some of the kingdom she might one day be Queen of However as I ve said this is just me and so I haven t lowered my rating because of it.I totally fell in love with the King and it was good to get background information on Anders The book is written first person from just Aurelie s POV so this detail helped me connect and understand Anders He still came across as an arrogant we re not discussing it because I know best ass at times BUT there are reasons for this and when you get to them his previous behaviour becomes OK Sometimes in a second books it s hard to feel the romance however I didn t find that to be the case here I really enjoyed how the relationship between Amelie and Anders evolved and came full circle but yet left them at a very different point and with a very different dynamic and power balance than at the start I m looking forward to discovering where their story takes us and them next. The story of Anders and Aurelie continues in this book I loved the addition of the king This story still had BDSM, Master slave, but it was a lighter story I enjoyed the deepening of the love between Anders and Aurelie The only thing I wanted was for the story the continue Felicity Brandon did a great job on this one as well. A continuation of the Viking s Conquest which is well done The bondage is superb although there is a little cruelty than is necessary considering where their relationship has grown.The rescue was unlikely but necessary.I m not sure the new king would have been as benevolent towards Magnus I was so excited to see the next instalment of Ms Brandon s Vikings had been released I thought the first book would be hard to beat pun kinda intended but boy was I wrong Anders is back, bigger than ever, and the evil but deliciously sexy punishments he has in store for Aurelie are a feast for the senses.Although Aurelie has landed on her feet and is due to be married to the prince, not all is plain sailing, however Magnus tries to throw a spanner in the works, but can he be dealt with Time will tell Aurelie, in her new role, is about to be thrown in at the deep end with court politics, and with her demanding husband life may not be easy but it certainly filled with delicious rewards A sexy, saucy, scintillating read And I want