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Romances about Vikings are always hot Always This time is no different Felicity Brandon s Vikings, especially Anders, are to die for.So, Aurelie of Donrose is trying to keep her castle from being overrun by Vikings In the process, she is almost killed by one of them, but the prince, Anders, steps in and claims her as his prize He demands that she be taken back to his camp When there, he tells her that he won t take anything she won t consent to, and then comes up with some interesting punishments But, will Aurelie be able to stand strong as the princess of her kingdom or is Anders just too overpowering I love this story The journey that Aurelie goes on to figure out who she actually is and what she really wants is pretty cool It can be hard for anyone to figure out what they want and who they are, and under the pressure that Aurelie deals with can make it even harder Im sure that there were times when it would have been hard to think at all since Anders was very overwhelming I love what Felicity Brandon had to write in this story. @FREE EBOOK õ The Viking's Conquest (English Edition) ¿ When She Is Left All But Alone To Defend Her Familys Castle Against An Army Of Battle Hardened Viking Raiders, Nineteen Year Old Princess Aurelie Of Donrose Fights Valiantly But Is Soon Overcome After Her Capture By The Tall, Handsome Leader Of The Northmen, Prince Anders, She Is Carried Away Along With The Rest Of The Spoils Of ConquestAnders Makes It Clear To The Princess That She Is Now His Property, To Do With As He Likes, And He Takes Pleasure In Stripping Her Bare And Putting Her On Display When She Defies Her New Master, Aurelie Quickly Discovers That Anders Will Not Hesitate To Spank Her Soundly, But To Her Shame The Painful, Humiliating Punishment Leaves Her Deeply ArousedBound And Helpless Yet Burning With Desire, The Princess Finds Herself Longing For The Bold, Dominant Warrior To Take Her Hard And Thoroughly, And When She Surrenders To His Mastery Of Her Body The Pleasure Is Intense Than She Would Have Ever Thought Possible Aurelies Submission To Anders Grows Complete With Each Passing Day, But When Her Brothers Arrive With An Army To Seek Vengeance Against Their Old Enemy She Must Make A Fateful Choice Will She Remain Loyal To Her Family And Her People, Or Come To The Aid Of Her Viking Prince Publishers Note The Vikings Conquest Includes Spankings, Sexual Scenes And Sexual Humiliation, And If Such Material Offends You, Please Dont Buy This Book It s the first time I have read a historical tale Oh my, I was drawn in Brilliantly penned by Felicity.The story is about Princess Aurelie of Donrose Left to defend the castle with the sword of Aurora She meets her fate, Prince Anders, a Viking.The journey Aurelie went through with this dominant man and found herself enjoying being spanked She was horrified at first when she started to like the man himself I enjoyed the detailed steamy BDSM scenes.The whole book was enjoyable to read, and the moment was at the end when Aurelie realized what she wanted I won t say it to spoil for anyone who hasn t read this great story.I highly recommend this book to anyone that love Vikings and BDSM. After reading The Viking s Conquest I am now a huge fan of this genre well at least if Felicity Brandon is the author This being my first read, I have been spoiled by her finely detailed sexual BDSM sessions between a handsome Viking Lord and a virgin Princess who is taken hostage to his encampment Here she discovers she has a hidden passion for his dominance and most willing to serve him in any way she can I could actually feel as though I was right there in those heated scenes with them Yes, the author knows how to make those steamy scenes come to life There is a well woven plot also which will have you hooked to see how this will all end. This was a sweet little story with a bit of punishment and humiliation on the side Princess Aurelie is left to defend the castle as the Viking invaders storm the gates Needless to say, she is taken and given to Prince Anders as his new property.She is never taken against her will, so there s no non con going on here, but he does make it difficult to say no She is humiliated and treated like property, but Aurelie finds that she is aroused by this treatment than she is disgusted.Very few errors and it was a cute little story I did wonder how the invaders were Vikings Nothing in their behavior or their way of life was at all Viking like, but I m probably thinking too hard about it The only part I really had a problem with was the unhygienic intimacy scene that always grosses me out when he goes from the back to the mouth without washing.