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I use this textbook for teaching Java for all levels of students high school to graduates This book emphasizes on developing the right skills of programming pseudo code and hand tracing These skills are applicable to learning programming in general, independent of the language. The book Big Java, Binder Ready Version was printed on a very thin papers Half the loose papers near the holes for binder got torn while placing them in the binder. Excellent purchase Is this book supposed to start at page 409 If not, I got screwed over as my book starts at page 409 Item as described and cheaper than buying from the bookstore at the college. Arrived with broken pages. Look into buying the online version Its cheaper and way interactive with questions and activities that help you learn the material. (FREE DOWNLOAD) ⛏ Big Java: Early Objects, 6th Edition 6, Cay S. Horstmann, eBook - Amazon.com ⚪ Cay Horstmann Grew Up In Northern Germany And Attended The Christian Albrechts Universitat In Kiel, A Harbor Town At The Baltic Sea He Received A MS In Computer Science From Syracuse University, And A PhD In Mathematics From The University Of Michigan In Ann Arbor For Four Years, He Was VP And CTO Of An Internet Startup That Went From People In A Tiny Office To A Public Company He Now Teaches Computer Science At San Jose State University Cay Also Writes Books And Articles On Programming Languages And Computer Science Education