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This is a book for professional software developers It assumes you are already intimately familiar with fundamental programming concepts as well as previous versions of Visual Basic and Microsoft.NET ecosystem It focuses on the advanced concepts of programming with Visual Basic 2015 and.NET 4.6 and rightly so, despite its size the book is a mere reference, where every chapter can be further addressed in a separate book As a professional developer this book will allow you to understand Microsoft s motivation behind technologies it introduces or extends in VB 2015.NET 4.6, the rest you can always find in MS white papers.When it comes to the level of competence, Alessandro Del Sole is outstanding In the entire book there are literally only two places I find things amiss his explanation of polymorphism lacks one extra sentence to be complete but this is something you should already know from the Computer Science theory anyway and in my opinion his event based asynchrony sample is unnecessarily forced into a synchronous code pattern I understand the point he was trying to make when comparing it to Async Await but to be honest about the event based asynchrony one should note that synchronous logic patters are not the best way to approach it and that example should be flattened with the DataContext being assigned directly from the callback and for clarity you should use the delegates rather than lambdas with callback events, then it does not look that messy to call UI elements from callback delegate function Everything else in the book is basically perfect.Now, why one less star As somebody spoiled by Microsoft Press I am used to books written with a specific version of technical English, that practically read themselves Reading Alessandro takes an extra step of effort, not to just understand the content, but also his sentences Now, this is a highly subjective criterion and a person who is already used to his style from reading his other books may not have the same problem I had. I had pre ordered this book as I already knew as a long time follower of Alessandro that this book would be another must have for a VB.Net developer , I started with buying Core reference guides with Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 6 from Francesco Balena , at some point Francesco stopped Writing his excellent VB VB.Net series and I found that Alessandro Del Sole had stepped in this gap The book is a must have for anyone taking VB.Net serious , beginner , experienced or expert developer all will benefit from this book Having the book now physically in my hand i can only say that I was right in my decision to pre order it, as I am probably one of the first who has read it and have learned some new insights and thoughts on how I can improve my software even with my on the moment of writing 15 years of.Net experience pre beta early adaptor I am happy to learn something new every day, and books like this sure help to ease the understanding of some This is the first review I ve ever written on.Do Not make the mistake I did This book is not a tutorial, it is a reference I ve been struggling for months now to get up to speed with VB.NET from scratch since I have no experience with any earlier versions of VB.NET.When I looked at the Table of Contents I got my hopes up that this book would finally explain some of the things I have not found explained anywhere else Something I ve discovered about the VB.NET community is they are always willing to tell you what they think you should do I ve been asking a single questions for months You have a database loaded into a Dataset with multiple tables and relationships Every single place I ve looked gives a thorough explanation of how to access and work with a single DataTable, but none go beyond that to offer any help with multiple datatables and relationships This book does not either When I received this book, I put on my patience cap and read from page 1 to about 320 before I just had to look for lessons There aren t any.Don t get me wrong, this book will be within my reach, as it had an in depth discussions of rules and such, once I eventually find something that teaches me the key points I need. Having used Visual Basic since version 3 back in the early 1990s, I have seen it grow from not much than a scripting language to a full fledged fully Object Oriented development platform In conjunction with NET 4.6, there is very little that you cannot do in VB that once took a few hundred lines of C This book first lays out the foundations of the language, including many that few people are aware of, and then gets you going to build useful applications quite quickly VB is as good a language as any if you want to learn to program, even if you have no experience in programming You can do real things quite readily, and then move to the very advance techniques once possible only in the world of C This book will get you started quickly doing real world useful programming, and then take you into the very powerful features of the language I would recommend that you purchase this book along with a book on Windows Presentation Foundation, which makes stunning user interfaces remarkably easy to create. BE AWARE This is a very low quality book The pages are very thin and the printing quality is very poor misaligned.This book does contain the same content as the US printing That being said you shouldn t have the distractions created by low quality The tabs are cut off, pages are crooked, and the left page and right page are different heights even For the price difference it is well worth buying the US printing of this book. .Free E-pub ⚖ Visual Basic 2015 Unleashed (English Edition) eBook: Alessandro Del Sole: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. ♵ Using Visual Basic , Developers Can Build Cutting Edge Applications That Run Practically Anywhere On Windows Desktops, New Windows Devices, In Mobile And Cloud Environments, And Beyond Visual Basic Unleashed Is The Most Comprehensive, Practical Reference To Modern Programming With VB Long Time Visual Basic MVP Alessandro Del Sole Walks You Through The Latest Version Of The Language, Helping You Thoroughly Master Its Most Valuable Features, Most Powerful Programming Techniques, And Most Effective Development Patterns Next, He Shows How To Use Visual Basic To Build Robust, Effective Software In A Wide Range Of Environments Extensively Updated For Visual Basic S Major Improvements, This Guide Covers Both Visual Basic Professional Edition For Professional Developers And The Free Community Edition For Hobbyists, Novices, And Students Del Sole Has Added Detailed Coverage Of Building New Universal Windows Apps For Windows And Using New Visual Studio Capabilities To Supercharge Your Productivity As A Developer If You Want To Leverage All Of VB S Power, This Is The Book You Need Detailed Information On How To Understand The Visual Studio IDE, Framework And The New Core , And The Anatomy Of A VB Application Debug VB Applications And Implement Error Handling And Exceptions Keep Your Code Clean And Well Organized With VB S New Refactoring Tools Master Modern VB Object Development Namespaces, Modules, Structures, Enums, Inheritance, Interfaces, Generics, Delegates, Events, Collections, Iterators, And Share Visual Basic Code With Portable Class Libraries And Shared Projects Access Data With LINQ And ADO Entity Framework Manipulate XML Documents With LINQ And XML Literals Build And Deploy Applications To Run In The Microsoft Azure Cloud Develop Universal Windows Apps That Run On Any Windows Device Use Advanced Platform Capabilities, Including Async And Parallel Programming, Multithreading, Assemblies, Reflection, And Coding Attributes Leverage New Compiler APIs To Write Custom Domain Specific Live Code Analysis Rules Test Code With Unit Tests And TDD Deploy Apps Efficiently With InstallShield For Visual Studio And ClickOnce